Where Was Something’s Gotta Give Filmed?

Directed by Nancy Meyers, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ is a romantic comedy film that follows the life of a sixty-something womanizer named Harry Sanborn, who has a liking for younger women, almost a third of his age. When he and his new girlfriend, Marin, plan to stay for the weekend at her family’s beach house, they get confronted by Marin’s mother, Erica Barry. Naturally, Erica is surprised and scandalized by her daughter’s relationship. Things take a wilder turn when Harry suffers a heart attack, and his doctor Julian advises complete bed rest for a while. Housebound with Erica, he starts falling for her.

The film features sharp performances from Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves, and Amanda Peet. Apart from the comedic and typical rom-com narrative, what holds the attention and curiosity of the viewers are the different locations that serve as the backdrop for the movie. If you find yourself eager to know more about the filming sites, we have got you covered!

Something’s Gotta Give Filming Locations

‘Something’s Gotta Give’ was majorly filmed in the USA and France, particularly in New York, California, and Paris. The principal photography for the romantic comedy reportedly commenced in early February 2003 and wrapped up by July 2003. To add to the authenticity of the narrative, a significant portion of the movie was lensed on location in the Hamptons. Here are all the specific locations that serve as filming sites for the Jack Nicholson-starrer.

New York City, New York

New York City played an important role in the filming process of ‘Something’s Gotta Give.’ The exterior of Harry’s townhouse was taped at 115 East 78th Street and Park Avenue. The opening scenes depicting Harry’s high life were filmed at different spots in the city, including Restaurant Aureole, the Tribeca Grand Hotel, and the Market in the Meat Packing District, all located in close proximity to one another.

In the movie, Marin works as an auctioneer at Christie’s. So, the filming crew used the actual building, which is located at 20 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan. Furthermore, you may even recognize the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in a few sequences. The Broadway theatre is located at 243 West 47th Street.

Long Island, New York

Since the movie is partially set in the Hamptons, the crew filmed scenes involving Erica’s beach house in various parts of Long Island. A house at 21 Daniel’s Lane in Sagaponack village stands in for Erica’s beach home. Some sources stated that a property located at 576 Meadow Lane in the town of Southampton was used to shoot the exteriors of the house. The production team went to Flying Point Beach in Water Mill to tape the beach scenes. It lies close to Southampton.

The French grocery store in the movie is the popular Barefoot Contessa store in East Hampton, which is now permanently closed. Due to unforeseen and unfavorable weather conditions, some outdoor scenes for the movie were possibly lensed on a sound stage at the East Hampton Studio. Located at 77 Industrial Road, Wainscott on the East End of Long Island, the facility apparently offers an 18,000-square foot soundstage.

Burbank, California

Even though a majority of the sequences involving Erica’s beach house were shot on Long Island, the interiors were taped in the Warner Brothers Burbank Studios. The production facility is situated at 4000 Warner Boulevard in Burbank. The set was carefully constructed to reflect Erica’s lifestyle aptly.

According to Nancy Meyers, Erica’s house did not have much room for other people. While it has only one guest room, it has a large kitchen because the character likes to cook. Moreover, her writing desk is placed in her bedroom, implying that it is not a romantic space. The production team worked hard on making the studio reflect the themes portrayed in the movie and make it look like an actual beach house.

Other Locations in Los Angeles County, California

The restaurant scene where Julian and Erica have their first date was filmed in a real restaurant named Shutters on the Beach at 1 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica. Apart from these locations, the production team traveled to several other locations in Los Angeles County, such as the city of Los Angeles and Pasadena. As far as the hospital scenes in the Hamptons and New York are concerned, they were lensed at St Luke Medical Center. Even though it turned into a full-time filming location, it is no longer in function.

Paris, France

The cast and crew also flew all the way to Paris to shoot the final scenes in the movie. Hôtel Plaza Athénée at 25 Avenue Montaigne features in the film. The scene where Harry walks out of a hotel to search for Erica was shot using the backdrop of this hotel.

Erica has her dinner party at her favorite restaurant in Paris – Le Grand Colbert – where Harry meets her. The authenticity of locations that is maintained throughout the movie is retained yet again as the production team taped these scenes at the real restaurant located at 2 Rue Vivienne in Paris.

Apart from filming a few sequences at Place-des-Vosges, the scene at the end of the movie where Harry takes a walk from the restaurant to the famous arch bridge is also filmed on location at Pont d’Arcole. The bridge is located over the River Seine.

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