The Covenant: Where Was the Thriller Movie Filmed?

Inspired by actual events, Guy Ritchie co-wrote and directed ‘The Covenant,’ an action thriller movie that follows a US Army Sergeant named John Kinley who hires Ahmed to interpret with the country’s local people in the war to increase their chances of completing their mission successfully. Ahmed, looking for a way to get back at the Taliban for the death of his son, agrees to it. During their confrontation with the terrorist group, Kinley and his team are caught by surprise, and he is knocked down. However, Ahmed comes to his rescue before he gets captured.

Protecting Kinley from the Taliban, Ahmed drags him through the desert mountains. When the former returns to the States, he finds out that the latter is getting chased by the terrorists and hiding in the arid region. So, when Kinley’s request to help out Ahmed falls on deaf ears, he takes matters into his own hands and travels back to the war zone to rescue the one who risked his own life for a stranger like him. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Dar Salim, the war action movie mainly unfolds in Afghanistan against the backdrop of the war, with several action sequences taking place in arid regions. Thus, it is natural for you to be curious about the actual filming sites of ‘The Covenant.’ In that case, we have got you covered!

The Covenant Filming Locations

‘The Covenant’ was filmed in Spain, specifically in Alicante and Zaragoza. Principal photography for the action movie seemingly commenced in January 2022 under the working title ‘The Interpreter’ and wrapped up in late March of the same year. Although the story is primarily based in Afghanistan, the production team set up camp in Spain. So, let’s look at all the specific locations that stand in for Afghanistan in the Guy Ritchie directorial!

Alicante, Spain

Many pivotal sequences for ‘The Covenant,’ set in Afghanistan, were lensed in and around the city and municipality of Alicante, with the filming unit setting up camp at various locations across the city. For instance, the municipality of Sax in the comarca of Alto Vinalopó and seemingly Vinalopó Mitjà served as a couple of important shooting spots for the movie. Furthermore, the locales of the coastal town of Villajoyosa or La Vila Joiosa, including the Amadorio swamp and the Amadorio reservoir dam, also feature in the action flick.

During the shooting process in Alicante, Antony Starr, who plays a pivotal role in ‘The Covenant,’ landed in controversy as he allegedly punched a 21-year-old chef in a local pub and got arrested. The injured chef was taken to the hospital and reportedly received four stitches right above his eye. During the trial, Starr pleaded guilty and received a one-year suspended prison sentence and a $5,464.97 fine.

The actor reportedly spent three nights in jail before returning to complete his part in the movie. Apart from ‘The Covenant,’ Alicante has hosted the production of many film projects over the years. Some notable ones include ‘Terminator: Dark Fate,’ ‘The Impossible,’ ‘Taken 3,’ ‘The Cold Light of Day,’ and ‘Green Zone.’

Zaragoza, Spain

In the later stages of the production, the cast and crew members of ‘The Covenant’ traveled to the capital city of the eponymous province, Zaragoza, which lies by the Ebro River and its tributaries. Most of the action sequences in the city were taped on location in and around the Zaragoza Air Base on Carr. del Aeropuerto, s/n, in Zaragoza. Moreover, in the backdrop of a few exterior scenes, you will likely spot a few landmarks and attractions in the city, including the Zaragoza City Hall, the Cathedral of San Salvador, the Aljafería Palace, and San Pablo Church.

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