Where Was The Nice Guys Filmed?

Co-written and directed by Shane Black, ‘The Nice Guys’ is a 2016 action comedy movie set in the 1970s, revolving around a mismatched pair of detectives. One of them is a licensed private investigator named Holland March, who is hired to get to the bottom of the supposed suicide of the famous adult film star Misty Mountains. His investigation leads him to her associate, Amelia, which introduces him to another private eye named Jackson Healey. However, things take a wild turn when Amelia disappears out of nowhere, and it helps Holland and Jackson realize that the former wasn’t the only one looking for her.

Now, March and Healey must work together despite their differences and take on everyone that comes against them while they search for the missing woman. The crime comedy movie blends suspense and hilarious elements significantly well, and it keeps the viewers hooked on the story from the beginning to the end. Besides, the use of different locations is likely to intrigue you and make you want to know more about them. In that case, we have got you covered!

The Nice Guys Filming Locations

‘The Nice Guys’ was filmed in California and Georgia, specifically in Los Angeles County and Atlanta Metropolitan Area. The principal photography for the Ryan Gosling-starrer reportedly commenced in late October 2014. Since the story unravels in California, the production team decided to tape many parts in the Golden State. Now, without further ado, let’s follow the nice guys and navigate all the specific locations that appear in the movie!

Los Angeles County, California

Many pivotal scenes for ‘The Nice Guys’ were lensed in Los Angeles County, the most populous county in California and the United States. The house at 4255 Enoro Drive in Los Angeles stood in for Holland March’s home, while the house at 6222 Echo Street in the city doubled for Dean’s burned-down house. The scenes depicting Mrs. Glenn’s residence were shot at 4585 West Mount Vernon Drive, and the ones involving Misty’s house were recorded at 5003 Parkglen Avenue, both in Windsor Hills, Los Angeles.

For taping the bowling alley sequences, the cast and crew utilized the premise of Covina Bowl at 1060 West San Bernardino Road in Covina. Moreover, the exterior of Hotel Burbank at 150 East Angeleno Boulevard in Burbank served as the exterior of the Burbank Airport Hotel for the movie. The scene where March and Healy collect the briefcase of money was lensed in and around the John Ferraro Building, AKA the Department Of Water And Power at 111 North Hope Street in Los Angeles. You can also spot the 4th Street Bridge in the following scene of them driving with the briefcase.

The production team even constructed a gas station at 3160 Riverside Drive in Los Angeles for some pivotal scenes. In addition, they recreated Tower Records and used CGI to incorporate some movie billboards of the era for the street scenes filmed on Sunset Boulevard and Horn Avenue in Los Angeles. Jackson Healy punches a guy for having relations with an underage girl; this sequence was shot at 3975 Kenway Avenue in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles City Hall at 200 North Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles served as a pivotal filming spot as well.

In another scene, Healy and March look for Emilia at 201 North Main Street, Los Angeles. Various exterior and street sequences for ‘The Nice Guys’ were recorded in many other locations, including Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Felix Chevrolet at 3330 South Figueroa Street, Everett Street in Los Angeles, the Comedy Club at 8433 Sunset Boulevard, Sunset Tower at 8358 Sunset Boulevard, 5245 Veronica Street, and North Hollywood Way in Burbank.

Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia

Additional portions for ‘The Nice Guys’ were lensed in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia’s most populous metropolitan statistical area. The production team utilized the locales to make the region double for 1970s Los Angeles. The house at 5335 Northside Drive Northwest in Atlanta, which Dallas Austin formerly owned, stands as Sid Shattuck’s home in the movie. The scenes involving the adult movie theater, which was on Hollywood Boulevard in the movie, were shot at 103 Peachtree Southwest in Atlanta. As per reports, a police station scene was also taped in Atlanta in late October 2014.

Moreover, Hilton Atlanta at 255 Courtland Street Northeast in Atlanta stood in for the Los Angeles Auto Show for the crime comedy movie. Besides that, Northyards Boulevard at North Avenue, Cone Street Northwest, Williams Street Northwest, 39 Georgia Avenue Southeast, and the city of Decatur also served as prominent production locations.

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