Where Was X Filmed?

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Written and directed by Ti West, the director of 2011’s ‘The Innkeepers,’ scintillating horror movie ‘X’ unveils a distinct period charm. The story is set in the late 1970s, as it chronicles a group of budding film crew in the process of making their very first adult production. They find a rundown home in rural Texas, which seems secluded enough for the output. However, the recluse homeowners catch them in the erotic act, which causes some trouble for the crew.

The next thing we know, the crew members are running for their lives. The dark, dreamy, and raunchy movie shines in the production designing department, while the dynamic between the cast members adds the perfect nervous energy to the mix. Most of the story unfolds in the two-storied house in bleak Texas idylls, but you may seek to explore the locations where the movie was filmed. In that case, allow us to guide you to the places.

X Filming Locations

‘X’ was filmed in locations in and around the US and New Zealand. Although the story is set in rural Texas, the production team seemingly found greener pasture in New Zealand. Due to its lush mountains, vast beaches, and largely idyllic locations, New Zealand has established itself as one of the most coveted filming destinations in the world. Moreover, live-action productions filmed in the country are also eligible for a minimum 20 percent tax exemption on qualified expenditure.

Eliot Rockett, who previously collaborated with Ti West in ‘The House of the Devil,’ served as the director of photography in the movie. On the other hand, Tom Hammock, the production designer of ‘Godzilla vs. Kong‘ handled the production design for the movie. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the movie was filmed.

Rotorua, New Zealand

Most of the movie was filmed in and around New Zealand. In their journey, the crew visited the township of Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty Region of the North Island of New Zealand. The production team toured the city at length, capturing multiple sequences in several places. The township — situated by its namesake lake — is a popular tourist destination thanks to its geothermal activity. The 30 meters tall Pohutu Geyser erupts several times a day. Moreover, the township also showcases glimpses of Maori culture.

Queenstown, New Zealand

The production team also visited South Island to capture a few sequences. They went to Queenstown, a coastal township in the Otago region of the South Island, featuring a breathtaking view of the Southern Alps. Set on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, the township is a popular tourist destination, full of resorts and adventure sports activities. Moreover, you can head out of the municipality to tour the local vineyards and historic mining towns. Scenes were also filmed in the city’s outskirts, in and around the Beechwood Valley.

Whanganui, New Zealand

In the filming process, the crew also visited Whanganui, a city and district at the mouth of the namesake river on the west coast of the North Island. The river is the country’s accessible waterway, and there is a thriving art scene that keeps the city vibrant. During their stay in the area, the production team captured scenes at a property near the rural community of Fordell in the same district. The property presumably stood in for the house where the filming crew resided in the movie. Filming also took place on the Cobham Bridge across the Whanganui River, which connects Putiki to Gonville.

Bulls, New Zealand

The crew also visited the rural community of Bulls, where they filmed a few sequences near Bulls Airstrip. One memorable scene captures the Ohakea War Memorial, a square obelisk memorial situated on a school ground southwest of the RNZAF Base Ohakea. Additional sequences were captured in the adjacent War Memorial Hall.

Wellington, New Zealand

The cast and crew also visited Wellington, the capital city of the country situated at the southernmost point of the North Island. As the administrative center of the country, the city is planned as it is picturesque. The vibrant wooden lodges on surrounding hills entice the tourists, while the sandy beaches remain ideal for bathing and watersport activities.

United States

It is believed that additional filming took place in the US, where the story is set. After wrapping up the filming chore in New Zealand, the cast and crew headed back to the US, where they presumably filmed additional scenes and performed some re-shoots. With prestigious movie industries in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and other parts of the country, the US is widely regarded as the mecca of cinema. Moreover, state governments provide additional benefits, like tax incentives and legal support to welcome filmmakers from all over the globe.

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