Your Christmas or Mine 2: Where Was the Sequel Shot?

Image Credit: Colin Hutton/Amazon Studios

A sequel to the 2022 British comedyYour Christmas or Mine?,’ Amazon Prime’s ‘Your Christmas or Mine 2’ is a British Christmas romantic comedy movie that revolves around the families of James and Hayley — the Hughes and the Taylors. James’ father, Humphrey, invites Hayley and her family to celebrate Christmas in a luxury ski resort in order to meet his son’s American girlfriend. Upon insisting, Hayley’s father Geoff handles his family’s side of the booking but there happens to be some sort of miscommunication.

Right after landing at the airport, a mix-up with the transport leads to the families staying at each other’s accommodations, which are situated on different sides of the valley. With another chaotic Christmas looming large, is James and Hayley’s relationship strong enough to endure the challenges? Directed by Jim O’Hanlon, the comedy film takes place in the Austrian Alps where James and Hayley try to celebrate the holidays with each other and their families while skiing and riding chair ski lifts, leaving the viewers all curious about the filming locations of ‘Your Christmas or Mine 2.’

Your Christmas or Mine 2 Was Primarily Filmed in Austria

‘Your Christmas or Mine 2’ was largely filmed in the south-central European country of Austria. In addition to that, a portion of the production of the romantic comedy film also took place in the city of London in the United Kingdom. Filming particularly commenced on April 17, 2023, and continued for over a month before wrapping up on May 28 of the same year. Naturally, fans must be intrigued to know about the specific locations where the movie was taped.


The landlocked country of Austria is the primary location where ‘Your Christmas or Mine 2’ was shot. Unlike the first installment, ‘Your Christmas or Mine,’ which utilized the services of a production facility and fake snow, the filming team of the sequel actually filmed a major chunk of the movie in the snowy and mountainous region of the majestic Austrian Alps, particularly in the village of St. Anton am Arlberg. The shooting of the sequences set in the ski resort in which James Hughes’ father Lord Humphrey invites the family of James’ girlfriend Hayley Taylor in the film was actually carried out in a luxury retreat in the winter skiing destination in Austria.

From the high-end residential suite with a giant infinity pool to the milky landscape of the skiing range with the Chair ski lift with orange bubble shelters in the backdrop, the cast and crew visited several areas to capture the enchanting beauty of region. The hiking and snowfall scenes featuring Rhea Norwood’s Bea, Asa Butterfield’s James, and Cora Kirk’s Hayley specifically showcase the pristine pistes and panoramic views of the snow-clad mountains.

The breathtaking landscape of Austria comprises spectacular alpine scenery, lush green hills, fairytale-esque properties as well as snow-laden roads. Therefore, it is not surprising that the country was chosen as a main shooting site for ‘Your Christmas or Mine 2.’ Over the years, Austria has graced the background of several movies and television shows, such as ‘Before Sunrise,’ ‘Christmas in Vienna,’ ‘Chalet Girl,’ ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil,’ and ‘One Life to Live.’

London, England

For the purpose of filming a minor portion of ‘Your Christmas or Mine 2,’ the cast and crew also visited the city of London in the southeastern part of England. The sprawling capital city of England and the UK is a popular shooting destination and attracts the production of a multitude of movies and television shows from across the world, every year. Since the first part was filmed in London, it only made sense for the team to set up camp in the city for the second installment in the tale of the star-crossed lovers.

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