Who Are the Tracksuit Mafia in Hawkeye? Why Do they Want the Watch?

In ‘Hawkeye,’ Clint Barton deals with some street-level crimes as he desperately tries to keep his past as Ronin buried. However, Barton’s past as the katana-wielding, the revenge-driven vigilante is finally catching up to him in the form of the Tracksuit Mafia, an organized crime outfit that is out on the hunt for Ronin. However, much about the mob remains shrouded in mystery, including their objective behind obtaining a peculiar watch. So who are the Tracksuit Mafia, and why are they after a seemingly casual wristwatch? Here’s everything we were able to gather on the matter!

Who Are the Tracksuit Mafia in Hawkeye?

The Tracksuit Mafia is a criminal organization that bombs the black market auction, which Jack Duquesne, his uncle, Armand, and Kate are attending. Kate dresses up in the Ronin suit and beats up the gang members, allowing the auction attendees to escape. It is later revealed that the gang is one of the many Clint terrorized during his time as Ronin. Due to the reemergence of Ronin, the Tracksuit Mafia are out for revenge and believe that Kate is the actual Ronin. Much about the shady organization is relatively unknown, but Maya Lopez/Echo appears to be a part of the gang.

The Tracksuit Mafia first appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics during Matt Fraction and David Aja’s acclaimed fourth volume of the ‘Hawkeye’ comic series. Their live-action iteration lines up pretty closely with their comic book counterparts as both wear flashy red tracksuits, share an enmity towards Hawkeye and operate out of New York City. In the comics, the ruthless gang terrorizes the tenants in their area and is led by Russian slumlord Ivan Banionisand.

Why Do the Tracksuit Mafia Want the Watch?

In the first episode of ‘Hawkeye,’ members of the gang bomb the black market auction in a bid to get their hands on a very specific item. They are after a watch which is surprising given there are much more valuable items on sale. When the watch is found, we learn that it was retrieved from the Avengers Compound, which was decimated during the team’s fight with Thanos and his militia. However, after the group’s efforts are thwarted by Kate, and the golden retriever, later dubbed as the Pizza Dog, the watch is never seen again.

It remains unclear if someone from the Tracksuit Mafia collected the watch. Although the series is yet to reveal why the gang is after the watch, it could turn out to be an important piece of technology that might be of use to the criminals. It is evident that the watch is not valuable to the gang due to its price but because of its purpose. The watch could very well be a piece of high-tech weaponry created by Tony Stark or Stark Industries.

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