Who Does Cressida Cowper Marry in Bridgerton?

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‘Bridgerton’ season 2 follows the titular family’s eldest sibling, the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, on his search for a new bride. As entertaining as it is to watch his plans go awry by the arrival of the Sharma sisters, in particular with the headstrong Kate, there is also a bewildering array of side characters that make the show’s candy-colored version of Regency-era London all the more delightful.

Cressida Cowper frequently features at high society events, embodying the especially caustic elements of the Ton. Having been on the circuit for a few years, Cressida has developed a sharp tongue able to swiftly put down competing young ladies in the presence of eligible suitors. Does she finally bag a husband? Let’s take a look at who Cressida Cowper marries in ‘Bridgerton.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Does Cressida Cowper Marry in Bridgerton?

Cressida Cowper is the “mean girl” of the Ton who has a snide remark ready for anytime someone fails to keep up appearances. Unlike the Featheringtons and their rocky fortunes, Cressida comes from a wealthy family and seems to take genuine pleasure in putting others down. This, of course, makes Cressida’s own minor defeats all the more savory, adding to the “juiciness” of the show.

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Season 1 finds young Daphne Bridgerton putting Cressida in her place on more than one occasion. The latter trying to hold the highly sought after Prince Friedrich’s attention, only to be left on the sidelines when the prince is enamored by Daphne’s entrance, is a particularly satisfying instance of schadenfreude. Cressida also catches Daphne and the Duke kissing in the garden and tries to call Daphne out on her “impropriety,” only to be shut down by the eldest Bridgerton daughter who warns Cressida not to make an enemy out of a future Dutchess.

With things not working out with Prince Friedrich, season 2 finds Cressida once again on the “hunt.” She catches the attention of the relatively young Lord Jack Featherington, who has recently arrived from the United States to take charge of the Featherington estate. The latter also seems quite interested in Cressida, but for entirely different reasons. It is later revealed that Jack Featherington is broke and only wants to marry her for her wealth. Funnily enough, Cressida also seems to be after Jack for his apparent wealth (which he doesn’t have).

Eventually, with some misdirected scheming by Lady Portia Featherington, Jack is forced to get engaged to Prudence Featherington. Thus, Cressida once again finds herself without a potential suitor. The season 2 finale also sees Queen Charlotte suggesting to Edwina Sharma that she consider Prince Friedrich (who happens to be the Queen’s nephew) as a potential husband, making Cressida panic all the more. And so, till the end of ‘Bridgerton’ season 2, Cressida remains unmarried and doomed to take part in another wedding season’s pageantry (though she doesn’t seem to mind it too much).

However, since ‘Bridgerton’ is based on Julia Quinn’s historical romance novels, we decided to read ahead in the book series and see whether Cressida ever finds a suitor. Since she isn’t a central character, details about her romance remain thin on the ground, but for those of you curious about what happens in the books, it appears that Cressida does get married.

In the fourth book of the series, titled ‘Romancing Mr. Bridgerton,’ Cressida is described as Lady Twombley. She still seems to be up to her antics and tries to take credit for being Lady Whistledown. However, her plot is foiled (as usual), this time by Colin Bridgerton. However, more importantly, the fourth book reveals that Cressida gets married to Lord Twombley, who subsequently passes away, leaving Cressida a widow.

And so, it looks like Cressida finally finds herself a suitor, though he does seemingly pass away relatively soon. Interestingly, she also makes an appearance as Lady Twombley in Julia Quinn’s 2010 novel ‘Ten Things I Love About You,’ which is part of the author’s ‘Bevelstoke’ series of novels.

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