Who Is Bea’s Father in Resident Evil? Theories

Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’ might be about the zombie outbreak in the world, but it also focuses on human connections and the things that keep one afloat in the most difficult of times. The show’s protagonist Jade spends a lot of time alone amongst the undead, studying and surviving them. The only thing that anchors her to sanity is her daughter, Bea. Jade dreams about completing her research and returning to her daughter. She also wants to find a cure to give a better world to her. With so much of her mother’s love directed towards Bea, we wonder what happened to her father. Who is he and why is he not in the picture? If you’re wondering the same thing, then here’s all you need to know about the identity of Bae’s father. SPOILERS AHEAD

Who is Bea’s Father?

The identity of Bea’s father is not revealed as of Season 1. When we first see Bea, she is with Arjun. Naturally, we assume that she is Jade and Arjun’s daughter. However, when Jade finally returns to the University, it is revealed in a conversation between her and Arjun that he is not her real father. Further, a conversation between Jade and Billie reveals that Bae is around ten years old. Billie says that the last time she saw her sister, she was eighteen and pregnant. This is only four years after the zombie outbreak in New Raccoon City.

Considering the bond that Jade had developed with Simon in 2022, it looked like the teenagers stayed together for a while, which could mean that Simon is Bea’s father. However, this theory is thrown into the bin in the last episode of the season. Simon is bit by Billie, who’d been infected with T-virus. Evelyn Marcus knows that Simon is not immune to the virus and will turn into a zombie. She doesn’t wait three days to see the virus’ effect on her son. Instead, she kills him on the spot. With Simon gone for good, it means that Jade met Bea’s father much later.

At the end of season one, Billie and Jade are on the run, still together. Albert tells them to find a woman named Ada Wong in Japan. This means that the girls still spent some time in each other’s company before parting ways for good. This could also mean that Jade met Bea’s father around this time, possibly in Japan. If that’s true then the show might already have dropped Bea’s father’s name for the audience.

In their last meeting, Billie accuses Jade of being a virus that kills everyone around her. To prove her point, she starts to list down the names of all the people who got close to her and died. She names Simon, Albert, and Bert, all three of whom play an important part in Season 1. Then she mentions two more names, both of whom haven’t yet been introduced in the show. These names are Kim and Hiroki. While the next season will shed more light on them, it is clear that the girls will meet at least of them in Japan, or later in their travels.

While there is no Hiroki in ‘Resident Evil’ games, the name belongs to a voice actor and one of the directors of ‘Resident Evil’ games. The use of the name in the show could be a tribute to one or both of them. Similarly, the character of Kim appears in the games but is not as prominent. However, the show, which already differs so much from its source material, might want to take the storyline in a different direction. Because the names are important enough for Billie to name them along with Simon, Bert, and Albert, perhaps one of them was too important to Jade. Maybe, one of them is Bea’s father.

While the show seems to have left the breadcrumbs for us to follow, there is still a possibility that an entirely different character appears later in the show and turns out to be Bea’s father. The fact that Jade wanted to keep Bea’s existence a secret from the Umbrella Corporation could mean that Bea’s father works for them. Billie also mentions Jade’s “two busted out front teeth”. This could mean that Jade was in an abusive relationship, which is why she left Bea’s father and ran away to raise her daughter in secret. While the show has offered a number of possibilities for us to entertain, his true identity for sure will be revealed in the upcoming season, especially with Bea’s rescue taking center stage, along with the revelation of Jade and Billie’s future as they run from the Umbrella Corporation in a zombie-infested world.

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