Who is C’s Father in Westworld? What Happened to Him?

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In the third episode of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ season 4,  Bernard Lowe meets an unnamed curly-haired woman with Ashley Stubbs. He shows her the symbol of the Westworld’s maze for her to take him to her organization. He offers to find a hidden weapon in the sands in return for their trust and the lives of himself and Stubbs. In the fourth episode of the season, the curly-haired woman AKA C and Bernard go to find the weapon. When Bernard asks C why she trusts him, she lets him know that she has her own reasons to “dig in the sands.” Bernard deduces that she is trying to find what happened to her father. If you want to know who is C’s father and what happened to him, let us share the answers! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is C’s Father?

C’s father is Caleb Nichols and C is none other than Frankie. Bernard digs to find the secret weapon and ends up finding Maeve Millay’s body. He lets C know that Caleb’s body isn’t there in the sands to comfort her, indicating that the father she has been searching for “under the sands” is Caleb. After escaping from the host version of Carver, Uwade and Frankie may have realized that Caleb is in immense danger. They may have succeeded in staying away from Hale’s people for their survival, awaiting a never-returned Caleb. When Caleb hadn’t returned, Frankie may have set out to find out what happened to her father.

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Frankie doesn’t know what happened to Caleb. She isn’t sure whether he is dead or even alive someplace. She can be “digging” to discover whether he is really dead so that she can move on from the ambiguity that revolves around his fate. C/Frankie may have eventually realized that Hale had hurt her father. The resistance group she is part of can be an organization that attempts to hunt down Hale for destroying humanity. Since C’s storyline happens twenty-three years after Caleb’s attempts to stop Hale, she may have already destroyed a good share of the human species.

C’s organization can be one of the few groups that survive Hale’s viciousness. Since her leader accepts and needs weapons, it is clear that they are preparing for war. Since Hale is the new tyrant, especially considering her destruction of humanity, the war they want can only be against Hale and C has a personal reason to fight it.

What Happened to C’s Father?

Caleb really dies the day he tries to escape from the new Delos park, tying up Hale, with Maeve. Hale then creates his host version and includes the memory of his last moments so that he can realize what really happened to him. In the fourth episode of the fourth season, Hale wakes Caleb up from the last memories of his human version, who died twenty-three years ago. At present, Caleb is Hale’s prisoner as the human version of William is. Hale even allows Caleb to witness what she has accomplished in twenty-three years as he sees humans getting controlled by the Tower, which is a bigger version of her sounding device.

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Hale may want Caleb’s host version to realize how he and the human species lost in a war against her, the representative of the Hosts. As far as she is concerned, Caleb is the savior of humanity and she wants him to feel helpless as she destroys the very people he had saved by destroying the Rehoboam. She may also want to see how trapped he feels as a host like Hosts were in the Westworld, controlled by humans.

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