Who is Lasher in Mayfair Witches? Is Lasher Immortal? Explained

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AMC’s supernatural series ‘Mayfair Witches’ revolves around the Mayfairs, a family based in New Orleans, known for their association with witches, vampires, demons, etc. in the locality. The series begins with the past of Deirdre Mayfair, the mother of the protagonist Rowan Mayfair/Fielding. While she is a young girl, Deirdre is often visited by a person named Lasher. The maiden is smitten by the individual and frequently expresses her love and loyalty towards him. Deirdre’s family members, however, are terrified of the individual, which makes them inquire about him often. Intrigued by the mystery that revolves around Lasher, we have found out everything you need to know about him. Here are our findings! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Lasher?

Lasher can be described as a supernatural entity that’s connected to the Mayfair women for centuries. Although he has a human appearance in general, Lasher can shift his shape to any being. When Deirdre accepts him as the possessor of her soul, Lasher shifts his shape to several creatures to make her understand what he is capable of. Although the show hasn’t offered a window to the origin of the mysterious character, it is detailed in ‘Lasher,’ the second novel of Anne Rice’s trilogy titled ‘Lives of the Mayfair Witches,’ the source novels of the show.

Image Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

According to the novel, Lasher has partially royal origins since he was born to Henry VIII’s second wife Queen Anne Boleyn of England and the son of the Earl of Donnelaith. Lasher is considered the reincarnation of a saint named Ashlar. The human Lasher eventually went to Italy to become a priest and returned to Scotland, only to get killed by a protestant reformer named John Knox while conducting a Christian mass. After his death, he was brought back into existence by Suzanne Mayfair, the first witch of the Mayfair clan. She calls him “Lasher” in reference to, “for the wind… that lashes the grasslands, for the wind that lashes the leaves from the trees.”

Ever since being summoned by Suzanne as a supernatural entity, Lasher has been bound to the women or witches of the Mayfair family. The Mayfairs become an infamous and wealthy family due to their association with Lasher. According to Rice’s source novels, he seemingly makes sure that the Mayfairs remain a “pure” clan by facilitating incestuous unions. The same can be connected to Rowan, who is born to Deirdre and her rapist Cortland, who is none other than her uncle. It can also be the reason why Lasher doesn’t try to save Deirdre when she gets raped in the first episode of the season despite being present in Cortland’s mansion.

Lasher is also bound to a particular necklace, with a key attached to the same, Mayfair women wear. Deirdre received the necklace from her mother, which indicates that her mother was bound to the entity just like she is. When the necklace is worn by a Mayfair woman consensually, Lasher can form a metaphysical romantic relationship with her, as the second episode of the show depicts. When Deirdre’s doctor removes the necklace from her, Lasher gets freed momentarily and appears before Rowan. Upon encountering her, he lets Deirdre knows that her daughter is alive, which paves the way for their meeting in the second episode.

Is Lasher Immortal?

As a supernatural entity, Lasher doesn’t age. Since his human life came to an end when Knox killed him, he isn’t vulnerable to human characteristics such as aging. When Deirdre and Rowan age, Lasher appears before them as the same person. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Lasher is immortal. Although the Mayfair family members aren’t particularly receptive towards him, they must be knowing that Lasher’s survival is essential for their financial growth and betterment, which can be the reason why they never try to kill him despite his intolerable connection with the Mayfair maidens.

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In the novel series, Lasher aspires to return to his human form with the help of a Mayfair witch. He gets connected to every Mayfair maiden with the hope that they will be able to transform him into a human again like the first Mayfair witch Suzanne transformed him into a supernatural entity from his human existence. In addition, in the source novels, Rowan’s husband eventually kills him, which makes it clear that Lasher isn’t immortal for good. Still, he can transfer his essence to others as he tries to reincarnate as Rowan’s child in Rice’s novel series.

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