Who is Rowan Fielding’s Father in Mayfair Witches, Explained

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AMC’s supernatural series ‘Mayfair Witches’ revolves around the Mayfairs, a New Orleans-based family known for their association with tales and legends of witches, vampires, ghosts, and other supernatural entities. The first two episodes of the show revolve around Deirdre Mayfair, who is bound to the supernatural entity named Lasher. Deirdre one day escapes from the captivity of her aunts to celebrate a party thrown by her uncle Cortland Mayfair. After the party, Deirdre soon becomes pregnant and eventually gives birth to Rowan Mayfair, who has been living as Rowan Fielding. Since the birth of Rowan happens ambiguously, the viewers must be wondering who her father is. Well, let us share the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Rowan Fielding’s Father?

In the first episode of the series, Deirdre Mayfair runs away from her aunts’ captivity and celebrates her newfound freedom with her uncle Cortland Mayfair, who is having a party at his mansion. During the party, Deirdre meets Patrick, who joins her for a dance. After the same, Deirdre becomes semi-conscious and gets seemingly raped. Soon, she becomes pregnant, only to get locked up in her room in the Mayfair house by her aunts. They wonder who the father of Deirdre’s baby is and brings Father Duffy to elicit the truth from her. Duffy suspects Lasher to be the father but Deirdre makes it clear that he isn’t.

Image Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

First of all, Lasher doesn’t need to bring Rowan to Cortland’s house to impregnate her. As a supernatural entity, he has access to any rooms Deirdre’s aunts choose to lock her up. In addition, there is no indication that Lasher can impregnate a woman for the latter to bear a human child. Considering that Lasher is a supernatural entity, it is unlikely that he can be Rowan’s father. Furthermore, Lasher doesn’t need to use force with Deirdre when she has offered herself to him. As long as she wears the particular necklace, he has an influence on the former, which makes it clear that he isn’t the father of Rowan.

When Father Duffy asks Deirdre whether Lasher is responsible for her baby, she names Patrick. However, Deirdre must be naming Patrick because she spent the night with him, especially before partially losing consciousness. Since Patrick is hired by Cortland for the night, it is unlikely that he will make a move without the instruction and permission of the current Mayfair patriarch. Since Cortland doesn’t have any reason for hiring someone to rape and impregnate his niece, only to hand over the baby to a distant family member, it is safe to say that Patrick isn’t the father as well.

Image Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

But who exactly is the father? The answer is present in ‘Lives of the Mayfair Witches,’ the novel trilogy written by Anne Rice, which serves as the source material of the show. According to the novels, Rowan’s father is none other than his granduncle and Deirdre’s uncle Cortland, who rapes her on the night of the party. He must have hired Patrick to seduce Deirdre and to be the scapegoat when she learns that she is pregnant. Since Patrick apparently dies by the next morning, Cortland succeeds in hiding the truth from his niece as well. In the show, Deirdre’s rapist uses a mask, which is unnecessary if the person was Patrick as she believes.

After Rowan’s birth, Cortland and his sisters must have decided that the girl shouldn’t live at Mayfair, which leads the protagonist to Ellie Mayfair, a distant relative of Deirdre and Cortland. Following Carlotta Mayfair’s instructions, Ellie moves from New Orleans to restart her life as Elena Fielding to raise Rowan as her adoptive daughter. In the second episode of the show, Deirdre returns to Cortland’s house and it is clear in her behavior that she still doesn’t know that the father of her daughter is her uncle.

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