Key Necklace’s Significance in Mayfair Witches, Explained

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AMC’s supernatural series ‘Mayfair Witches’ revolves around Rowan Mayfair, a neurosurgeon who discovers her family’s roots after the death of her mother Deirdre Mayfair. Rowan inherits Deidre’s house and a significant key necklace that has been passed over centuries among the Mayfair woman. Ever since she wears the necklace, she gets visited by a supernatural entity named Lasher. Although Rowan tries her best to escape from the astounding powers of the supernatural entity, the necklace binds them together, making one wonder about the significance of the piece of jewelry. If that’s the case, here’s everything you need to know about the particular object! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What is the Significance of the Key Necklace?

The key necklace can be considered as the bridge between Lasher and the Mayfair women who were and are destined to get connected to him. Lasher produced the necklace for the first time during his first meeting with Suzanne Mayfair, the first Mayfair witch. Suzanne sought the help of the devil when the men of God threatened her life. Lasher, to fulfill a prophecy, appeared before Suzanne to get connected to her and handed over the necklace to her. The same necklace has been getting passed over to the Mayfair women from their mother. Deirdre received the necklace from her mother Antha, who was killed by Carlotta Mayfair.

Image Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

The primary use of the key necklace is to summon Lasher to the Mayfair woman who uses the same. Deirdre welcomes the supernatural entity again to her life after she wears the necklace with the help of the doctor who has been taking care of her. He also becomes a constant presence in Rowan’s life after she garners the necklace from her mother’s personal belongings. The necklace also represents the Mayfair women’s unconditional consent for Lasher to remain in their lives. The supernatural entity even breaks the protection set by Ciprien Grieve at his apartment since Rowan has the necklace, which leads Lasher to her location.

Inheriting the necklace isn’t enough to take advantage of its complete potential. After getting acquainted with Lasher by wearing the necklace for the first time, a Mayfair woman should accept the supernatural entity as her beloved for him to truly get connected to her. In one of the early episodes of the series, Deirdre accepts Lasher as her lover and guardian angel even after knowing about his monstrous side. Deirdre’s acceptance makes Lasher an unavoidable part of her life, which is evident in their relationship that lasts until her death. Lasher must be expecting Rowan to get connected to him so that the ancient prophecy will be fulfilled.

The necklace becomes a pointless piece of jewelry when it is not worn by the chosen Mayfair woman. When Deirdre gets killed, Carlotta hands over the necklace to a caretaker woman who had been looking after the sick woman. The woman, after wearing the necklace, gets locked up in the basement of the Mayfair home and gets forced by Lasher to hit herself on a wall. The woman continues to do so until she dies due to the loss of blood. Tessa also dies tragically after receiving the necklace despite being a Mayfair as she confronts her enemies wearing the same.

Image Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

In the sixth episode of the series, Tessa receives the key necklace to become Lasher’s new beloved. However, she doesn’t realize that the necklace isn’t enough to form a connection with the supernatural entity. When she realizes that she is in trouble, Tessa tries to summon Lasher by touching the necklace, only to fail each time. When Tessa is about to die, she understands that Lasher didn’t get connected to her since her lineage differs from Rowan’s. Therefore, the right person should wear the necklace instead of any Mayfair woman.

According to Anne Rice’s novel trilogy ‘Lives of the Mayfair Witches,’ the source novels of the series, Lasher has to form a connection with the thirteenth Mayfair witch to get freed from his supernatural existence to become a human being again. The seventh episode of the series ends with Rowan retrieving the necklace from Tessa and trying to summon Lasher in the face of immense danger. She may think about accepting Lasher wholeheartedly for her family to be protected from the anti-witch groups.

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