Mayfair Witches Episode 6 Recap: Transference

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The sixth episode of AMC’s supernatural series ‘Mayfair Witches,’ titled ‘Transference,’ follows the aftermath of Rowan Mayfair’s escape from her family house upon getting locked up by Lasher. The supernatural entity continues to control her consciousness, making her yearn for a way to escape from his presence for good. She goes to Cortland Mayfair seeking help, who reveals a way for her to get rid of Lasher. Ciprien Grieve takes Rowan’s necklace to the Talamasca to know more about the supernatural entity to defeat him. The episode ends with a startling cliffhanger and here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Mayfair Witches Episode 6 Recap

‘Transference’ begins with Lasher appearing in Ciprien’s protected apartment because Rowan is wearing the necklace. Ciprien comes to know about the same and takes the necklace from her to know more about the origin of Lasher and the Mayfairs’ relationship. In flashback scenes, Suzanne Mayfair got captured by the men of the King due to her supposed connection with the devil. The men revealed to her that her fate would be determined by the men of faith. Keith Murfis, the secret photographer at Deirdre Mayfair’s funeral, watches videos of a group that rallies against the witches. He takes the heart of Deirdre from a refrigerator and posts the photograph of the same on the internet.

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Tessa meets Rowan to talk about the hostility that’s growing against the witches. She asks the thirteenth Mayfair witch to use her powers to deal with them by trying to provoke the latter by showing Keith’s post. Rowan dismisses Tessa and meets Cortland to ask him whether she will be able to escape from Lasher for good. Cortland lets her know that the bond one forms with Lasher can be transferred to another Mayfair with the help of a ritual, citing the example of how his father Julien Mayfair received the same from Katherine Mayfair. Rowan finds out that Cortland is suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a muscle-weakening nervous system disease.

Keith meets the leader of the group that protests against the supremacy of the witches. He becomes a distinguished figure in the group as the one who stole the heart of a Mayfair witch. Ciprien arrives in the Talamasca and touches the necklace, only to get transported to the 17th century. He witnesses how Suzanne got bonded with Lasher, her rescuer, while the men of the King imprisoned and humiliated her.

Mayfair Witches Episode 6 Ending: Does Rowan Get Rid of Lasher? Why Does Tessa Accept Him?

After knowing about a way to get rid of Lasher, Rowan seeks the help of a group of Mayfair women, who follow Julien’s instructions to free her from the supernatural entity. The group of women asks Rowan to chant several lines that were first used by the first Mayfair witch Suzanne to form a bond with Lasher. Rowan chants the same for a considerable while and Lasher appears before her, only to acknowledge her wish to get rid of him. Rowan vomits the necklace and the group of women gives the same to Tessa so that she can bond with Lasher. Although the ritual is supposed to free the neurosurgeon from Lasher, it may not have happened completely.

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First of all, only the thirteenth Mayfair witch can free Lasher from his current supernatural state of being for him to become a human again. Since Rowan is the thirteenth one, the supernatural entity doesn’t have a choice but to stick with her. Thus, his separation from Rowan most likely is temporary. Although Tessa accepts the necklace, Lasher doesn’t appear before her when she tries to summon him using the chants, which indicates that he hasn’t completely separated from Rowan to form a bond with the new holder of the necklace. Thus, Lasher may wait for Rowan to return to him. With hostility growing against the witches, the thirteenth Mayfair witch may feel responsible enough to protect the others and she may need Lasher’s help for the same.

Tessa accepts Lasher because she aspires to acquire the powers of Rowan. In the Mayfair family, a particular group has always believed that Lasher is good rather than evil. Even Cortland asks Rowan to take advantage of her connection with the supernatural entity. Since Rowan grew up as an outsider, she doesn’t value Lasher’s presence and needs a return to normalcy. Tessa, however, grew up within the Mayfair family. As far as she is concerned, forming a bond with Lasher is a matter of pride and privilege. She may want to experience the potency a Mayfair woman gets when she forms a bond with the supernatural entity.

Will Tessa Get Killed? Will Lasher Save Her?

After receiving the necklace, Tessa contacts Keith, likely to kill him for the hostility he expresses against her kind. However, Keith realizes who she is and informs the leader of the hostile group about their supposed secret meeting. When Tessa meets Keith, the leader and a few members of the group show up, hurting Tessa. Considering the hostility they have shown towards witches, the group must have plotted to kill her to show the witches their potency. Tessa is confronting a group that has been celebrating Keith’s barbaric act of stealing Deirdre’s heart from her dead body. Such a group may not think twice about killing her.

As Keith and others try to hurt her, Tessa tries to summon Lasher but he doesn’t appear. It is unlikely that Lasher will appear to rescue her since he hasn’t formed any connection with her. Since she isn’t the thirteenth Mayfair witch, Lasher doesn’t have any obligation to save her. In addition, Tessa’s death may bring Lasher and Rowan closer and when such a possibility exists, the supernatural entity may want the group to kill her. If the group kills Tessa, the Mayfair women will feel threatened. Such a death most likely will terrorize them enough to make Rowan feel responsible to protect them. Since her powers work best when has a bond with Lasher, she may want to reconnect with the supernatural entity.

Thus, Lasher is not expected to save Tessa. Her death may turn out to be the cost Lasher pays to reconnect with Rowan. In the upcoming episodes, we may see the hostile group trying to wage a war against the remaining Mayfairs, likely leading Rowan to fight them back with the help of Lasher.

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