Mayfair Witches Episode 5 Recap: The Thrall

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The fifth episode of AMC’s supernatural series ‘Mayfair Witches,’ titled ‘The Thrall,’ follows the aftermath of Aunt Carlotta’s attempts to kill Rowan Mayfair to separate her from Lasher. Although Ciprien Grieve manages to protect her from her aunt, his involvement in the same infuriates the supernatural entity that is bound to the Mayfair family, who locks up Rowan and the Talamasca agent in the Mayfair house. When the duo realizes that they are trapped at the place, they try to get out, which proves to be a difficult undertaking. The engrossing episode ends with certain nuanced developments and if you wish to take a detailed look at the same, let us help you! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Mayfair Witches Episode 5 Recap

‘The Thrall’ begins with a flashback scene that depicts how Suzanne Mayfair was accused of having connections with the devil, while someone appointed by the King had been investigating the same. At the Mayfair house, Ciprien and Rowan repeat their actions after getting involved in a sexual relationship under the influence of Lasher’s powers. They regain their consciousness when the doctor in Rowan notices Ciprien’s stab wound, which has gotten infected. The agent struggles with the same since he realizes that Lasher is hurting him through the wound. When Rowan tries to treat the same, he reminds her that there’s nothing she can do to heal it due to Lasher’s intervention.

Image Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

Rowan and Ciprien try to get out of the house. The latter tries to open the locked door using chants in a foreign language but nothing defeats the potency of Lasher. While Ciprien deals with the front door, Lasher appears before Rowan as the agent. She eventually realizes that the man in front of her is not Ciprien but Lasher in disguise. Rowan realizes that Ciprien will die if he is not given the required attention, which leads her to make a deal with Lasher. She lets him know that she will stay in the house and play any game he wants to play if he allows Ciprien to leave. Ciprien disappears from the house and ends up at his apartment.

Ciprien calls his colleagues at the Talamasca and two of them arrive at his apartment. A woman does a ritual to deal with the vicious power of Lasher that’s nearly killing the agent. Ultimately, the healer transforms Ciprien’s wound into her body. When she removes the knife that stabbed Ciprien from her own body, the latter’s condition starts to get better. At the Mayfair house, Rowan tries to destroy Lasher following the measures written down by Antha, her grandmother. While she finds the herbs and other materials necessary to try to kill Lasher, the supernatural entity makes it clear that his centuries-old connection with the Mayfairs cannot be destroyed with a few lettuce leaves.

Mayfair Witches Episode 5 Ending: How Does Rowan Get Out of Her House? Can Rowan Do Whatever She Wants?

After coming out of Lasher’s influence, Rowan tries to get out of the Mayfair house to be away from the presence of the supernatural entity. Meanwhile, Lasher lets her know that she will be able to do whatever she wants, astounding Rowan. She thinks of about a creature that she couldn’t save when she was a child, only for the same to appear before her alive. Lasher makes her realize that her powers revived the creature from death. The supernatural entity reminds her how beautiful it is that she can materialize any of her wishes. However, Rowan’s newfound powers to materialize her aspirations is only a trick Lasher pulls to get connected to her.

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As far as Lasher is concerned, he tries to make Rowan believe that accepting him will make her immensely powerful. He knows that she is mature enough to understand that her powers originate in him, which also makes him hopeful of forming a bond with the thirteenth Mayfair witch. Thus, Rowan can only do whatever she wants as long as Lasher accepts the same. That’s the reason why she is not able to destroy the supernatural entity even though she wants to annihilate him. Lasher is trying to win the heart and consciousness of Rowan using the powers he grants her.

That’s also how Rowan succeeds in getting out of the Mayfair house. Lasher doesn’t want to lock her up in the house and force her to accept him. He doesn’t need a prisoner. He wants Rowan to accept him without force and wholeheartedly for his plans to materialize. When Rowan opens the door of the house just by “wanting” the same, it is Lasher who really opens it with the belief that he has already given her enough powers for her to consider getting connected to him. He must be expecting Rowan to choose between her normal life without him and the mesmerizing life with him.

Is Carlotta Dead? Does Rowan Kill Her?

Yes, Carlotta is dead. When Carlotta appears before Rowan after getting locked up at the house, Lasher asks her to make a decision concerning the former’s life. The neurosurgeon lets her aunt live even though the latter has tried to kill her. Carlotta, however, doesn’t make use of Rowan’s generosity and compassion well. She leads her great-niece to a balcony and lets her know that death is a better option than living since she believes that Rowan will not be able to separate herself from the powers of Lasher. Carlotta tries to push Rowan down the balcony to grant her a second life without Lasher the same way she killed Antha, Rowan’s grandmother.

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Rowan realizes that Carlotta killed her mother Deirdre’s mother, which makes her wish for Carlotta’s death. In no time, Carlotta falls from the balcony to the ground and dies. Although Rowan is the one who wishes for the same, Lasher must be the one behind the force that makes Carlotta falls from the balcony. He is seemingly making Rowan thinks that it is her power that killed Carlotta for her to further accept him. Carlotta has always tried to stop Lasher from forming and maintaining a bond with the Mayfair witches. He ultimately takes advantage of Rowan’s wish to take vengeance on Carlotta by killing the matriarch.

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