Mayfair Witches Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The fourth episode of AMC’s supernatural series ‘Mayfair Witches,’ titled ‘Curiouser and Curiouser,’ follows the aftermath of Deirdre Mayfair’s death. Rowan Mayfair, accompanied by Ciprien Grieve, attends the funeral of her mother, astounding the extended Mayfair family. She meets and talks to Cortland and Carlotta Mayfair, which helps her understand more about her family. Ciprien learns a significant detail about Deirdre’s death as her killer surfaces. Carlotta tries her best to keep Lasher away from her family but the supernatural entity displays his potency to her. The episode ends with a startling turn of events. If you are trying to make sense of the same, let us be your ally! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Mayfair Witches Episode 4 Recap

‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ begins with Rowan dreaming of having sex with Lasher, who appears as Ciprien, only for her to wake up when the supernatural entity displays his real appearance. Carlotta checks in on Delphine, only to come to know that she is dead and Deirdre’s necklace is missing from her body. Ciprien leads Rowan to Deirdre’s funeral, where she meets several of her relatives. Cortland, during the funeral, mysteriously cuts a lock of Deirdre’s hair. Carlotta meets Rowan and invites her to the Mayfair house for a gathering that was arranged in the name of the latter’s mother and her memories. Ciprien receives a call from her superior from the Talamasca, who leads him to a hired killer.

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Ciprien learns that the killer was in the elevator during the time Deirdre was killed. To find out who hired him to kill Rowan’s mother, Ciprien touches him and sees Lasher. He isn’t sure whether Lasher possessed and eventually killed him for killing his beloved. Rowan ends up at the Mayfair house, where she gets acquainted with her relatives. She learns that her adoptive mother Elena Fielding was indeed a Mayfair. She comes to know that she has become a “designee” of the house since she inherits the property from her mother. Cortland tells her that he will deal with the paperwork if she decides to accept the house.

Cortland also reminds Rowan that Lasher can be useful since he is supposed to “serve” the Mayfair women. Carlotta offends her brother by saying that he didn’t do anything to look after Deirdre when she was sick, leading him to storm off from the house. Rowan goes through Deirdre’s belongings and finds the missing necklace.

Mayfair Witches Episode 4 Ending: Do Rowan and Lasher Get Connected?

While knowing more about her ancestors, Rowan learns that a certain necklace is passed over from a Mayfair woman to her daughter for centuries and that she is the rightful owner of the same after Deirdre’s death. When she comes across the necklace, she wears it without knowing that the same binds a Mayfair woman to Lasher. Through the necklace, Lasher most likely forms a connection with Rowan, even though the same may not be strong enough for him to become a significant influence in her life. Still, he may have gotten an opening into Rowan’s soul and body within the brief time she wears the necklace.

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After appearing before Carlotta, Lasher tells her that Rowan is already his, indicating how he may have built a bridge between him and the thirteenth Mayfair witch. However, the necklace may not be enough for the entity to outrightly captivate Rowan since she is not opening her soul to him. Lasher built an unignorable bond with Deirdre and her mother likely because they were receptive to accepting him as their beloved. Rowan, on the other hand, is already aware of how threatening an entity Lasher is, which will stop her from being receptive toward him. In addition, Ciprien has learned about the potency of the necklace and he is expected to stop Rowan from wearing the same, limiting Lasher from severely influencing the neurosurgeon.

Having said that, curiosity has always driven Rowan forward. She may want to fight against Lasher’s unrevealed intentions and presence to put an end to his influence on her family. If that’s the case, she may choose to get connected to him but for conquering him instead of letting him conquer her. From Cortland, she learns that Lasher is controllable and if she decides to find out the same herself, she may form a bond with him despite Ciprien’s likely objections.

Will Ciprien Die?

When Rowan gets the necklace, she wears it and sends Ciprien a photo of the same. From the written materials he has garnered from the archives of the Talamasca, he has already learned that the necklace is the bridge between Lasher and the Mayfair women. After seeing the photo, he runs to the Mayfair house, only to realize that Rowan is in trouble. While trying to save her from Carlotta, he accidentally gets stabbed by the knife the latter has been holding. Rowan helps Ciprien to walk towards the main door of the house but Lasher, who arrives at the house by then, seemingly closes down the door, stopping the “agent” from receiving medical attention.

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Still, Ciprien most likely will not die. Although he is stabbed, the wound doesn’t seem like a potentially fatal one. He doesn’t lose an immense amount of blood and since he is an extremely healthy individual, he is expected to survive the wound. Furthermore, Lasher may decide against killing him right away although he may want to. Lasher needs the help of Rowan to put an end to his existence as a supernatural entity and become a human being again. If Lasher kills Ciprien, he may not be able to expect Rowan to free him from his current state. Thus, he may have closed the door to show his potency rather than to kill Ciprien for good, despite the latter’s efforts to separate the thirteenth Mayfair witch from the supernatural entity.

Why Does Carlotta Try to Kill Rowan?

After Deirdre’s funeral and the subsequent gathering, Carlotta talks to Rowan candidly about her mother. She reveals to her great-niece that the latter’s mother made her life difficult. As their conversation grows more hostile, Carlotta intentionally starts a fire in the closed room. When Rowan tries to escape, she tries her best to stop the former and even prepares to stab her with a knife. Carlotta tries to kill Rowan to stop Lasher from binding himself to her family. By giving away Rowan to Ellie Mayfair, Carlotta hoped that Lasher’s influence on the family would end with Deirdre, only to be proven wrong as the neurosurgeon ends up in New Orleans in search of her mother.

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When Rowan arrives in the city, Lasher tries to form a bond with her, trying to extend his connection with the Mayfair family. Carlotta has tried to prevent the same by keeping the necklace away from Rowan, only for the same to disappear mysteriously and end up with its rightful owner. The disappearance and reappearance of the necklace may have taught Carlotta that she cannot separate Lasher from Rowan as long as she is alive, which most likely leads her to try to kill her own great-niece. Since Rowan doesn’t have any kids, Carlotta may have considered the same a perfect opportunity to break the chain. However, Rowan escapes from the fire and Carlotta gets forced to accept her failure.

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