Who Is Lightning in 1883? Does He Die?

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1883‘ centers on the journey of a group of travelers headed to Oregon. On their road across the Great Plains, viewers get to interact with a variety of unique and interesting characters. Characters such as Colton, Cookie, Noemi, and Carolyn each add a new dimension to the main characters and their story arcs. However, after the seventh episode, we are sure that a new and surprising character will lead the race for the fan-favorite title. We are talking about Lightning, and if you wish to learn more about him and his fate in ‘1883,’ here are all the details we have gathered! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Lightning in 1883?

In the seventh episode of ‘1883’ viewers learn about Lightning for the first time. However, the character has been appearing in the series for quite some time. During the episode, Elsa Dutton meets Sam, a Comanche warrior. Sam and Elsa strike up a conversation, and they discuss Elsa’s horse. The stallion has been with Elsa since she left Fort Worth, Texas, we learn that he is named Lightning. Elsa claims that Lightning is very fast, thereby earning himself the name.

Image Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+

Moreover, the stallion is slightly blonde in color and resembles Elsa in that regard. The young Dutton seems to share a close bond with her horse. Sam challenges Elsa to a horseback race. Elsa agrees, and she competes against Sam with Lightning. The race is close, but Elsa wins it by a small margin, thanks to Lightning. After the race, Elsa earns Sam’s respect, and he dubs her “Lightning Yellow Hair,” which is a tribute to Elsa’s tenacity and her faith in her horse.

Does Lightning Die?

The seventh episode spends a lot of time highlighting Elsa’s bond with Lightning. Elsa and Lightning have an unspoken sense of understanding between them. When Elsa is racing against Sam, she and Lightning appear to be harmonious with each other’s thoughts and movements. Therefore, as the episode progresses, it becomes evident that the narrative is setting up a tragic fate for Elsa’s companion. Later in the episode, the camp is forced to contend with a storm. While the travelers try to move out of the storm’s direction, they are too late. Their only option is to leave their possessions and save their own lives.

Image Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+

The situation becomes even more dangerous after a tornado emerges from the storm. During the storm, Elsa is separated from his family and is forced to let Lightning loose so that the horse can save himself. It seems like the adorable stallion will fall prey to the harsh storm. However, Lightning once again lives up to his name and outruns the storm. Lightning emerges from the storm alive and reunites with Elsa. Elsa is overjoyed to see Lightning and the duo continue their journey together.

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