Who Is Cookie in 1883? Does He Join the Caravan?

1883‘ is entering a new phase of its story as the travelers prepare to venture outside Texas. In their bid to get to Oregon, the caravan has faced numerous challenges, and mismanagement of their supplies has been a major obstacle in their path. With winter approaching swiftly, the campers want to protect and use their food supplies sparingly. Therefore, hiring a cook is high on Shea’s priority list. As a result, viewers meet Cookie, a candidate for the job. If you are curious to learn more about Cookie and whether we will be joining the caravan, here’s everything we know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Cookie in 1883?

Cookie is introduced to the viewers in the sixth episode of the series titled ‘Boring the Devil.’ He is a cook currently camping in Doan’s Crossing, where he meets Thomas. Although the character’s name isn’t stated on screen, the credits identify him as Cookie. His name is likely a wordplay on his profession. Cookie is a jolly fellow who likes to play by his own rules. He is witty and a little religious. Thomas offers Cookie the job of being the wagon camp’s cook.

Actor James Jordan essays the role of Cookie in the series. The actor is arguably best known for playing Tim Foyle/Lucky in the mystery drama ‘Veronica Mars.’ Jordan’s other credits include ‘Fargo,’ ’24,’ and ‘Justified,’ to name a few. The actor is a frequent collaborator of series creator Taylor Sheridan and appears in the latter’s works such as ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead‘ and ‘Mayor of Kingstown.’ Interestingly, Jordan is known for essaying the part of Livestock Agent Steve Hendon in ‘Yellowstone‘ of which ‘1883’ is a prequel.

Does Cookie Join the Caravan?

After Shea and the immigrants set out on the journey across the Great Plains, it becomes evident that the campers are inadept at managing their ration and supplies. Therefore, scarcity of food will be a major concern for the group on the road. Thus, James suggests hiring a cook who can efficiently manage the ration and use the cattle herd. When the caravan arrives in Doan’s Crossing, Thomas searches for a cook and meets Cookie.

Emerson Miller/Paramount+

Initially, Cookie is doubtful about making the journey and has a few concerns. Firstly, he wants to know how he will be returning to Doan’s Crossing after the trip is completed. Thomas offers to pay Cookie to board a train with his wagon and horses. Cookie is also concerned about the route the caravan is taking. However, Thomas reassures Cookie that it is the safest route. Cookie then names his price for the job and insists that no one shall question his decision or authority in the camp. After all of his demands are met, Cookie agrees to take the job and gets some money to buy supplies from Thomas. Thus, the caravan now has its own cook with Cookie joining the wagon camp.

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