Who is Martin in Yellowstone? Who Plays Him?

The fifth season of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone’ begins with John Dutton assuming the Governor’s office of the state of Montana. John’s victory in the Governor’s election alarms Angela Blue Thunder, who fears that John gaining authority in the state will not be good for the Native American community of the region. She also blames Chief Thomas Rainwater for John’s emergence as a potent political figure and sets out to threaten his position as the chairman of the Confederated Tribes of Broken Rock.

The third episode of the season introduces Martin Kills Many, a Native American who leads a protest against Rainwater and his business. Since Martin plays a key role in the sixth episode of the season, we have found out more about the character and the actor who plays the same. Let us share our findings! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Martin: Native American politician

Martin Kills Many is an emerging Native American politician. In the fourth season of the show, Thomas Rainwater joins hands with John Dutton to fight against Market Equities, their common enemy and the company that aspires to turn the wilderness of Montana into a city. Martin criticizes Rainwater and John’s alliance since he sees the same as the chief’s way of growing his business with the help of a White man. As far as Martin is concerned, all Rainwater has done is fill his and White people’s pockets with money while his own community has been neglected.

Rainwater and John’s alliance also offends Angela, who starts to think that the former is incapable of protecting the Native Americans since he has been working alongside a White man. When John gains the authority of Montana as the new Governor, she sees the same as proof of Rainwater’s incapability and failure. She fears that John will turn against the Native Americans once he settles the conflicts with Market Equities and Rainwater will remain a silent spectator of the same if it happens. Thus, she needs a new chief to raise the voice for the Native Americans and she sees the potential in Martin.

In the sixth episode of the fifth season, Angela lets Rainwater knows that the President will endorse Martin’s leadership. Therefore, we can expect Martin to threaten Rainwater’s position as the chairman of the Confederated Tribes of Broken Rock. Since Angela is part of the President’s staff, she may try her best to present Martin as the new face of the Reservation whose concern will only be the prosperity of the Native Americans. With the President’s endorsement, Martin may emerge as a deserving successor of Rainwater while the latter considers him a “naive” politician.

Christian Wassana Plays Martin

Christian Wassana plays Martin in ‘Yellowstone.’ A member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes of Oklahoma, Wassana graduated with a business degree from the University of Oklahoma. As a basketball player, Wassana had featured in the Oklahoma All-State team. He had also served as the President of the Cheyenne and Arapaho youth council. In addition, Christian kickstarted a motivational movement named “I am, I can, I will” while attending college to empower his fellow human beings.

Before joining the cast of ‘Yellowstone’ as Martin, Wassana worked in the show as a director’s assistant. When the character Martin was conceived, he decided to, he decided to take part in the audition for the role. “I don’t know the words to describe what this experience has been like. I started out as a director’s assistant on the Yellowstone set and there was this new character being introduced and I decided to audition for it. They seen it – they loved it and I got the part,” Wassana told Native Oklahoma. In the third episode of the fifth season of the show, Wassana made his acting debut by playing Martin.

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