Who is Mia in HIMYF? Will Mia and Jesse Get Together?

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Ever since the infamous proposal fail, Jesse does not find much success in dating in Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father.’ Even though he likes Sophie and even invites her for a drink, they mutually agree to stay as friends. After realizing that he should move on from the horrifying memories of Meredith and his interest in Sophie, Jesse starts to look for dates. In the sixth episode, he stuns the gang by the reveal that he is going out with Mia. If you are curious about Jesse’s new date and the prospects of seeing them get together, let us be your ally! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Mia?

Mia is Jesse’s new date. She is an activist Jesse meets on the way to Ellen and Charlie’s apartment one day as he gets coffee. Mia had a one-night stand with Ellen before meeting Jesse. Although she wanted to continue seeing Ellen, the latter ignored her countless messages and voice-mails due to her overbearing nature. When Ellen realizes that her adoptive brother is dating a girl she slept with, she tries her best to convince Mia to not tell about their history to Jesse to not hurt him. However, Mia sticks with her morals and reveals to Jesse about her and Ellen’s one-night stand.

Margo Harshman, known for her performance as Alex Jensen in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and Delilah Fielding-McGee in ‘NCIS,’ plays Mia. Born on March 4, 1986, in San Diego, California, Mia’s first major performance is in ‘Even Stevens’ as Tawny Dean. Harshman’s guest credits include ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Modern Family,’ and ‘Boston Legal.’

Will Mia and Jesse Get Together?

Mia is the first person Jesse dates after his terrible breakup with Meredith and the awkward failed date with Sophie. When he decides to embrace his singlehood, Sophie, Sid, and others motivate him to at least give dating a try. With the help of Sophie, he makes a tinder profile. Although the dating app doesn’t help him much, Jesse musters confidence to approach and ask out women due to his friends’ motivation. Jesse’s encounter with Mia at a coffee shop leads them to pursue dating.

Image Credit: Patrick Wymore/Hulu

However, Mia’s overbearing and domineering nature does not help Jesse much to think about the next step. Jesse continues to see Mia only because of his unbearable single life and loneliness. He thinks that Mia is better than having no one and starts to fake liking her. When he comes to know that she had slept with his sister, Jesse reveals to Mia that he cannot see her anymore. Mia’s reveal becomes the last nail in the coffin of their relationship and he puts an end to dating Mia. He calls out her nature and says to her that he cannot bear it anymore. Mia storms out of Ellen’s apartment, ending all the ties with Jesse.

Jesse’s decision to not date Mia anymore can also be due to his unrequited feelings towards Sophie. As Ellen suspects, Jesse may haven’t got over his interest in dating Sophie even though she is seeing Drew. The disappointment of missing out on dating Sophie may be coming out as resentment towards Mia. Although Jesse dismisses Ellen’s suspicions, it is evident that he hasn’t got over Sophie completely. Jesse’s negative reaction towards Sid’s invitation to Sophie and Drew for a romantic weekend gateway also indicates that Jesse isn’t able to accept Sophie’s relationship with Drew due to his possible feelings towards her.

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