Who is Nicandro in Who Killed Sara?

‘Who Killed Sara’ follows Alex Guzman’s convoluted investigation into the murder of his sister Sara. The slow-burning Mexican mystery drama is an Agatha Christie-inspired whodunnit that introduces a variety of devious characters, each with their own possible motivations for committing the murder. Through various twists and turns, the character that stands out as the prime suspect in ‘Who Killed Sara’ season 2 is Sara’s childhood acquaintance Nicandro. Apart from having a clear motive, he is also one of the few people to have experienced Sara’s dark side.  Let’s see how well we know Nicandro, and just why he is so suspicious.

Who is Nicandro?

Nicandro is the Lazcano boys’ wealthy friend who comes into focus in season 2. Immediately coming off as arrogant and disdainful of Alex and his sister’s plain appearance, Nicandro is soon seen offering Sara drugs. The suspicion that he is, in fact, Sara’s killer only grows when he is seen picking up the incriminating knife that was used to sever the straps on Sara’s parachute.

When it comes to motive, Nicandro also has plenty of that. After seeing him selling drugs, Sara, who needs money to help her father escape, approaches Nicandro to include her in his dealings. After seducing him into giving her an advance payment, she refuses to give back the money. Upon further threats from Nicandro, Sara’s sociopathic streak shows itself as she secretly severs his motorcycle’s brake cables.

Unbeknownst to her, Elroy records her movements and gives all the proof to Nicandro as he lies injured in the hospital after his bike accident. Hence, Nicandro, apart from Elroy, becomes one of the first people to truly know how twisted Sara is, and has a strong motive for revenge. Soon after Sara’s death, he disappears, and only appears years later as an adult.

Nicandro’s re-entry into Sara’s case is facilitated by Marifer, who somehow realizes that Nicandro holds proof of Sara’s twisted nature that he received from Elroy all those years ago. The folder of proof includes photographs of Sara cutting Nicandro’s brake cables and also having an intimate affair with Cesar Lazcano. Not knowing about Nicandro’s history with his sister, Alex takes the folder of evidence and believes Nicandro when he says that he didn’t kill Sara. Soon after, Marifer admits to cutting the straps on Sara’s parachute, and hence, Nicandro again slips out from being under suspicion for the murder.

The shady character’s true enigma is revealed in the closing scenes of season 2, when he is seen talking to Sara’s old doctor, discussing money that the doctor received in exchange for keeping secret the fact that Sara was the test subject of a mysterious project. Nicandro then reveals on the phone that he, the doctor, and possibly others involved in the project, were responsible for Sara’s death. However, no one is allowed to find out because apparently, “the stakes are too high.”

Though it is unclear exactly how Nicandro is involved in Sara’s death, it seems like he continues to be involved in the project that caused it. We also see him retrieve Sara’s file from a cabinet full of similar files, meaning that there have been many subjects in the project since. Though only future seasons can tell us about this mysterious project whose pilot test subject was Sara, we do know that Nicandro’s father is involved. Considering that Nicandro’s family is even wealthier than the Lazcanos, there seem to be some truly powerful and sinister forces that Nicandro is involved with.

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