Who is Oscar in Two? What Happens to Him?

The tense and intimate plot of the Spanish horror movie ‘Two’ has room for very few characters, and each of them plays a significant role in bringing the narrative to its bizarre conclusion. At the center of it all is the mysterious Oscar, who remains unseen for most of the film but still seems to be ever-present in the plot. The film is a twisted affair, and understanding the role of this significant character is key to unlocking the nuances of the plot. Ready to dive in? Let’s take a look at who exactly Oscar is and what his fate is in ‘Two.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Oscar?

Oscar is initially mistaken to be Sara’s husband, Mario. When the two central characters, David and Sara, are kidnapped and wake up sewn to each other, the latter begins to suspect that her husband Mario is behind the plot. David also describes a man who offered him a large sum of money, and his description seems to match that of Sara’s husband. Thus, for much of the movie, the perpetrator of the grisly crime is thought to be Mario.

When the twisted criminal responsible for abducting and “connecting” the two protagonists finally makes an appearance, it is discovered that he is a man disguised as Mario. This man, the perpetrator, is thus revealed to be Oscar. While trying to escape the building they are being held captive inside, David and Sara come across a strange laboratory with dozens of live animals sewn together in pairs. It thus becomes clear that Oscar has been planning and practicing for his strange crime for a long time.

From what we can pick up through the fragmented narrative, Oscar met Mario at some point of time and became obsessed with his theories about the power of the number “2.” This is hinted at multiple times by focussing on the prominent “2” that Oscar has tattooed on his neck. Most interestingly, the man also hints that he might be David and Sara’s biological father and continues to insist that the two formerly conjoined twins are stronger when they are “joined.” This is why Oscar stitches the two victims together in the first place.

What Happens to Oscar?

Oscar is eventually lured into the bedroom when David and Sara continue to kiss passionately. Their captor cannot stand watching their affection and comes in to intervene. However, Oscar is an elderly man, as becomes apparent by how frail he is, and is easily overpowered by his captives. The fact that Oscar is quite old also supports the theory that he is, in fact, Sara and David’s biological father.

Eventually, Sara discovers Oscar’s gun and leaves it with David as she goes to find help. Oscar, who is injured, then tries to attack David and is shot in the head during the struggle. Thus, Oscar dies without revealing further details about his backstory and connection to the victims. However, his last words about how Sara and David had a better chance of survival when they were connected remain darkly prescient about how the twisted movie ends.

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