Who is Teddy in Westworld Season 4? Is He Human or a Host? Theories

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Theodore “Teddy” Flood and Dolores Abernathy’s togetherness is the foundation of one of the most significant storylines of the first and second seasons of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld.’ After waging a war against the humans for treating the Hosts as mere puppets, Dolores aspires to team up with her lover. She changes Teddy’s programming, only to witness Teddy’s death. In the fourth season of the show, James Marsden, who portrays Teddy in the first two seasons, returns as Teddy. Naturally, the viewers must be eager to know whether the new Teddy is the same person who kills himself. Well, here are our observations! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Teddy? Is He Human or a Host?

Teddy in ‘Westworld’ season 4 is most likely a new version of Teddy Flood, who kills himself in the second season of the show. When Dolores changes Teddy Flood’s programming to turn him into a monster for the Hosts to battle the humans, he realizes that he has become a barbarian. He chooses not to exist as an assassin, a life that doesn’t align with his primal characteristics, which leads him to kill himself. Dolores transfers his consciousness to the Sublime. Teddy in the fourth season can be the new physical existence of that consciousness.

Image Credit: John Johnson/HBO

Since Dolores passes the key to the Sublime to Bernard, he may have recreated Teddy, a host, while he explores the Valley Beyond. During his date with Christina, Teddy talks about him being a bounty hunter, in reference to the original Teddy Flood. He also lets Christina knows that she looks like someone he knows, referring to Dolores. Since Teddy knows Dolores and the original Teddy Flood, it is indeed possible that he is a new version of the latter, which also explains Teddy and Teddy Flood’s same appearance. Teddy talking about being a bounty hunter is a strong indication of him possessing Teddy Flood’s consciousness.

While exploring the Sublime, Bernard realizes the need of saving the world from an apocalypse. It is clear that Bernard needs to stop Hale from annihilating the human species if he wants to prevent an apocalypse. Bernard joining Frankie “C” Nichols and trying to reactivate Maeve Millay indicate how badly he wants allies as he starts his fight against Hale. Teddy can be Bernard’s ally since the original Teddy also chooses against annihilating humanity by turning into an assassin. Bernard may have realized that such a person can plan an integral role in the fight against Hale’s viciousness.

Image Credit: John Johnson/HBO

Teddy meets Christina, possibly another version of Dolores, to help her breach Hale’s “Walled Garden.” Hale, a distinct version of Dolores, may have created Christina as another version of Dolores to create a new world where humans are nothing but characters they create. As Christina unintentionally creates the humans living around her, only for them to become Hale’s puppets, Teddy leads her to the truth about those humans and the world they all live in. As Christina realizes the truth about her own existence, Hale, and how they both are Dolores, she may start fighting against Hale.

In the upcoming episodes of the fourth season, we can expect Teddy, Christina, Bernard, Frankie, and a reactivated Maeve to fight against Hale to stop her from annihilating humanity. Since the host version of William AKA the Man in Black also breaches the Walled Garden, he may also join them. Since Christina is most likely Dolores, we may also see her and the new Teddy getting together as partners like their original versions were in the Westworld before Teddy’s suicide.

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