Who Is The Father of Susanna’s Baby in 7 Women and a Murder?

Directed by Alessandro Genovesi, ‘7 Women and a Murder’ (also known as ‘7 Donne e un Mistero’) is a Netflix murder mystery movie based on François Ozon’s 2002 dark comedy film ‘8 Women‘ (known as ‘8 Femmes’ in French). The Italian movie takes place in a luxurious mansion whose owner is unceremoniously murdered under mysterious circumstances.

As a result, the house’s women suspect each other and try to deduce the killer’s identity. Meanwhile, the women are forced to reveal their secrets, including the eldest daughter, Susanna, who admits she is pregnant. However, the father’s identity remains a secret. If you are wondering who is the father of Susanna’s baby in ‘7 Women and a Murder,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is The Father of Susanna’s Baby?

In ‘7 Women and a Murder,’ Susanna returns to her hometown for the holidays. She lives in Milan and only occasionally visits her family. Susanna is the daughter of Margherita and Marcello, a housewife and a wealthy businessman. She is the granddaughter of Rachele and has a younger sister, Caterina. After returning home, Susanna reunites with her family and has breakfast with them. However, the family is shocked to find that the patriarch, Marcello is dead. Moreover, evidence suggests that Marcello was murdered.

Eventually, the women of the house and Veronica, Marcello’s girlfriend from his youth, find themselves trapped in the house during a blizzard. The women suspect each other of killing Marcello. The women are forced to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets to prove their innocence. As the needle of suspicions passes over Margherita, Veronica, Rachele, and Agostina, Susanna’s aunt, they are all forced to reveal their whereabouts from the previous night and expose their secrets that are indirectly connected to Marcello’s murder.

Ultimately, it is Susanna’s turn to confess her secret, and she reveals that she met with Marcello the night before his death and told her father that she is pregnant. However, Susanna is unmarried, and the baby is conceived out of wedlock. In turn, Margherita reveals Susanna herself is a result of a pre-marital affair and Marcello is not her birth father. As the narrative progresses, the focus returns to finding Marcello’s killer. Later, it is revealed that Marcello had faked his death but died by jumping from the terrace during the climax.

After the women report Marcello’s death to the police and the case is ruled as a suicide, the women discuss the identity of Susanna’s baby. They suspect that the baby’s father is Sir Giannurti. He is a business partner of Marcello and was having an affair with Margherita and Veronica at the same time. Given his playboy characteristics, the women suspect that Sir Giannurti is the father of Susanna’s baby. However, Susanna denies the claim and exclaims that Sir Giannurti is not the father of her child.

Nonetheless, Susanna does not appear confident while refuting the claim, and it seems like she is hiding something. Therefore, it is likely that Sir Giannurti is, in fact, the father of Susanna’s baby. However, in the end, the women decide to raise the baby together, making the subject of the father’s identity irrelevant. However, based on the hints given in the narrative and Susanna’s reactions, we believe that Sir Giannurti is the baby’s father.

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