Who is Travis Kalanick’s Brother? What Does He Do in Real Life?

‘Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber’ follows the remarkable story of the tumultuous early days of the titular transport company. Under Co-Founder and CEO Travis Kalanick (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the company undergoes a meteoric rise, becoming one of Silicon Valley’s most iconic start-ups.

In addition to Kalanick and his company’s intriguing journey, the Showtime series also gives us a glimpse into the CEO’s family life, where he seems to share a complicated dynamic with his brother. The two siblings seem to be poles apart in how they live their lives but are both equally proud of what they do. If the show left you wondering about Travis Kalanick’s brother and the real-life person behind the character, we’ve got your back!

Who is Travis Kalanick’s Brother?

In the Showtime series, Travis Kalanick’s brother is briefly seen in the opening episode when the former attends a family meal and shares news of his company getting funded by Bill Gurley’s venture capital firm, Benchmark. Cory Kalanick (Mishka Thébaud), as Travis’ younger brother is called, doesn’t seem too impressed by the funding and sarcastically alludes to his brother being another “Zuckerburg.” The two have a simmering sibling rivalry that their mother subsequently subdues, albeit briefly. During the meal, Cory also shows his family a video of him rescuing a kitten, which Travis enthusiastically (and a little sarcastically) compliments and promises to share with his colleagues.

The two brothers seem to share a complex relationship, which is hinted at during Travis’ party to celebrate his company’s recent funding. Cory doesn’t show up, but it is then revealed that Travis didn’t invite him, expecting his brother to come nonetheless and “be supportive.” In the brief sequence, the rocky sibling dynamic becomes clear. As you might have expected, the real Travis Kalanick’s brother is named Cory Kalanick, and the video of the latter rescuing a kitten also exists! Travis also has two half-sisters.

What Does Travis Kalanick’s Brother Do in Real Life?

According to his profile, Cory Kalanick is a long-standing firefighter who is currently with the Fresno City fire department. It appears Cory joined the firefighting force around 2003 and has since made news on multiple occasions for rescuing his colleagues as well as various animals caught in life and death situations. Cory also seems to describe himself as “The Vegan Firefighter” and has been involved in fundraising for animals.

Image Credit: Animalist/YouTube

A video of him rescuing and reviving a kitten from a fire actually went viral and was used in a 2013 GoPro advertisement. The footage resulted in Cory getting quite popular in local (and online) communities, and the local fire department actually saw an influx of donations because of it. Unfortunately, the kitten in question later died from its injuries in the fire. Cory also made news when he helped rescue Fire Capt. Pete Dern from a potentially fatal situation. The latter reportedly fell through the roof of a burning garage and was subsequently pulled out by Cory and other firefighters in the nick of time.

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