8 Best Joseph Gordon Levitt Movies You Must See

He is an accomplished actor capable of doing small independent films as well as big summer blockbusters. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has graduated from the small screen to the big screen with impressive ease. His first notable role in  cinema was in the 1999 film, ’10 Things I Hate About You’. Although he was famous for his comic role in the sitcom, ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’, it was his dramatic work that garnered him appreciation. Since then we have seen some really good Joseph Gordon Levitt movies. Some of the choices he made were brave especially for an upcoming actor. But it is these decisions that made people take notice of him. More recently he made his debut as a director and proved he can succeed there as well. His considerable talents haven’t always been fully appreciated by the mainstream audience. This makes him one of the more underrated actors working today.

When we talk about acting, we talk about range. That range is evident in the films the actor makes. They show his comic skills as well as dramatic range. The actor’s career trajectory has been interesting until now and it is exciting to see how he will take it forward. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of top Joseph Gordon Levitt movies, selected from his impressive filmography. You can watch some of these best Joseph Gordon Levitt movies on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime.

8. The Dark Knight Rises

Although this film is often overshadowed by its phenomenal predecessor ‘The Dark Knight’, it is still remains among the best superhero films ever made. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is John Blake, a young police office, and plays the character to near perfection. The movie is exemplary in its use of editing and sound, they complement each sequence in the film perfectly and set the atmosphere for the film. All in all, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was a great way for Nolan to end a trilogy which set the benchmark for superhero films in the years to come. Levitt despite the presence of bigger stars made his own mark.

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7. Snowden


The most recent entry on this list is one of the more underrated films of 2016. It didn’t fare too well critically or commercially, but what is undeniable is Gordon-Levitt’s performance. He is so convincing that after a point, you stop differentiating between the actor and the person. The film took on a controversial subject and managed to inform as well as entertain the viewer. When the story focuses solely on the actor, the results are captivating. The actor’s ability to get in to the skin of a character is well and truly on display here. A film that deserved better.

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6. Brick

 This was the beginning of a fruitful partnership between the actor and director Rian Johnson. The film put a fresh spin on the classic film noir. What is most talked about in regards to the film is the director’s talent. But a large part of what makes the film succeed is Gordon-Levitt. Though the actor had been appreciated for his acting in earlier films, this was truly his breakthrough. The way his character goes about solving the mystery is thrilling to watch. More than anything, he seems believable in the role and that adds to the credibility of the film. All these factors would go on to impress the critics as well as the audience and it has since become a cult classic. One of the underrated Joseph Gordon Levitt movies.

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5. 500 Days Of Summer

 One of the best romantic comedies of the century. Unlike other films in the genre, this goes under the surface of emotions. Whether it is love, rejection frustration etc. it gives us a very relatable story. The role that Gordon-Levitt plays is a bit of a tightrope walk. He has to handle a variety of emotions but never once do we feel any dislike for him. The universal nature of the plot helped the film become the actor’s biggest success at the time. The film is proof of the actor’s ability to handle anything thrown at him. We end up feeling and rooting for the character and that is his true success.

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4. Looper

Fans were excited when it was announced that Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be doing a film again. And the excitement was duly satisfied by a spectacular film. The actor has quite a difficult job to do in the film. He has to convince us that he’s a younger version of Bruce Willis. While prosthetics and make up can only go so far, the actor manages to transform himself into Willis. Getting the mannerisms, the walk and everything that we associate with Willis was beautifully brought to life. The impact of the film rests on the actor’s shoulders and he carries it with sincerity and maturity beyond his years. The film is an exhibition of imagination from the director and dedication from the actor. We can’t wait to see what these two will come up with next.

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3. The Walk

We mentioned earlier that Gordon-Levitt is good at making a tightrope walk, it is literally what he has to do in this film. How do you make a story that is already well known in an interesting manner. ‘The Walk’ finds a way to succeed on all fronts in this case. The actor once again shows his ability to understand a character’s psyche. He nails the accent as well the tenacity that makes Philippe Petit a special man. What follows is a jaw dropping thrill ride filled with some genuine wow moments. But it is to the actor’s credit that we never forget the human side of the man on the wire.

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2. Mysterious Skin

A film that is not an easy watch but is important nonetheless. Not many would have the guts to do such a role but it is to the actor’s credit that he made the film. It is considered to be director Gregg Arakki’s best work and its due to the performance of Gordon-Levitt in particular. It explores some sensitive themes that may not be to everyone’s liking but is worth watching. The actor gives a performance filled with compassion and the emotional impact it leaves on the viewer is devastating to say the least. It is the film that made many people consider the actor as being capable of playing more serious roles.

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1. 50/50

Making a film about cancer is a tricky task. And when elements of comedy is mixed in, it becomes even trickier. This is why the success of ’50/50′ is astonishing. The film can be seen as a film about friendship as well as living with an illness. The heart of the film is Gordon-Levitt’s cancer affected protagonist. In an acting tour de force, he shows his ability to handle both comedy and drama. A particular highlight of the film is the breakdown he has in his car. An unrestrained exhibition of emotion is a glimpse of the actor at his peak. His chemistry with Seth Rogen is another element that makes the film a delight to watch. This is a film that will bring surely bring a smile to your face.

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