Who is Trying to Get Ellis Fired in Unstable? Spoilers

Image Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Created by Rob Lowe, John Owen Lowe, and Victor Fresco, Netflix’s ‘Unstable’ revolves around the father and son relationship between Ellis Dragon (Rob Lowe), a brilliant, celebrated, eccentric, and narcissistic tech mogul, and his son Jackson (John Owen Lowe), who, despite being brilliant in his own right, dislikes the spotlight. When the series begins, it has been two months since the passing of Elis’ wife, Katie, and he is not doing well. There is a concerted effort to oust him from Dragon, the biotech company he founded and runs. This prompts Anna Bennet (Sian Clifford), the company’s CFO and the closest thing to a friend Ellis has, to get the only person who can get through to him besides Katie back in Los Angeles.

Even though Jackson has inherited his father’s gift for science, he feels intimidated and fears that he has to spend the rest of his life in Ellis’ shadow. So, he moved to New York and started teaching flute to support himself. Although he initially returns with the intention to go back as soon as the current problems are solved, he realizes that his father is in deep trouble with the board, which becomes one of the reasons for his decision to stay. One of the prevalent mysteries that remain throughout the season revolves around the person behind the attempts to fire Ellis. Here is what we know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Is Trying to Have Ellis Fired?

Since Katie’s death, Ellis’ behavior has become increasingly eccentric. When the series begins, it is implied that he is hearing voices in his head. Shortly after he gets to the office, Anna finds him standing nude in his chamber. She knows that Ellis is struggling with grief, and certain board members will take advantage of this to throw him out of his company. Initially, she and Ellis think the twins, who are almost just as eccentric as Ellis, are behind the attempt. But the thing is, the twins are openly hostile toward Ellis for a perceived slight he has committed against their father and have no qualms about admitting that they want to have him fired. As the series progresses, it is revealed that someone else wants the same thing, but they have managed to hide their identity.

Image Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix

After returning to Los Angeles, Jackson learns that his father has kidnapped Leslie (Fred Armisen), the therapist the board hired to assess his mental health. It turns out Ellis only did it after Leslie tried to blackmail him. At the start of episode 2, it is revealed that Leslie is happily living in Ellis’ basement. His marriage had begun to dissolve, so Ellis effectively gave him a place to stay. He also helps the man to see how wrong he has been trying to blackmail him.

However, Leslie ultimately overstays his welcome and leaves angrily when he finds out that Ellis and Jackson want him out of their home. Meanwhile, the problems continue to mount for Ellis and his well-wishers. He tries to give an interview to a Pulitzer-winning journalist, but that turns out to be a disaster. At one point, Ellis accidentally hits one of the twins with a car. When they threaten to press charges, Ellis and Anna try to appease them by organizing a birthday surprise.

Jean, a close friend of the family and virtually a mother figure in Jackson’s life since Katie’s death, promises to help Ellis with the board as she is one of its members. When an emergency board meeting is organized, Jackson visits Jean to see if she can get them more time. However, he finds Leslie at Jean’s home and realizes she is behind the attempts to oust his father. Earlier, he told her about Leslie’s kidnapping. She took that and turned it into a weapon against Ellis. Realizing the only card they have left is to finish developing what they have been working on, Ellis and his team succeed in finding a way to create concrete from greenhouse carbon in the atmosphere.

Elsewhere, Jackson and his friend and colleague Malcolm (Aaron Branch) try to reunite Leslie with his wife. When that doesn’t work, Jackson finally recognizes what he did wrong and invites Leslie back into their home. This prompts the man to turn against Jean during the board meeting, and Ellis demonstrates his team’s new invention. As the season ends, Ellis retains control of his company. However, no one else knows that he set fire to Jean’s car for betraying his son, and there are bound to be repercussions.

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