Who Is Vrille in Raised by Wolves?

Image Credit: Coco Van Oppens/HBO Max

Vrille (Morgan Santo) is one of the new characters introduced in the second season of ‘Raised by Wolves.’ Along with her “mother” Decima (Kim Engelbrecht), she is a prisoner at the atheist colony, the Collective. In the second season premiere, she appears alongside her mother in the opening sequence. A group of atheists comes across a deactivated Mother/Lamia in the forest in the tropical zone of the Planet Kepler-22b. Vrille is the one who finds the snakeskin discarded by the snakelike creature that came out of Lamia’s womb. Here is everything you need to know about her. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Is Vrille?

At first glance, Vrille appears to be an ordinary teenage girl — smart, rebellious, and impulsive. Like her mother, she has an explosive device strapped to her chest, set to go off if she ever steps out of the settlement. In the season 2 premiere, Vrille and her mother are saved by Marcus, a man who they have come to know as the terrorist. Marcus spots them running away. When an explosion kills the third member of the fleeing party, he comes to their rescue. Initially, he is reluctant to save Vrille as his experience with androids hasn’t been particularly good. But Decima convinces him to do it.

Image Credit: Coco Van Oppens / HBO Max

Vrille is a custom-built android that shares stark physical and behavioral similarities with the real Vrille from the time the latter committed suicide. Decima reveals to Marcus that she is Mithraic. An exceptional quantum gravity engineer, she played a pivotal role in developing the ark that the atheists stole and then used to get to Kepler-22b. She was allowed to keep Vrille because of an agreement she made with the Trust, the quantum supercomputer in charge of the atheists.

They were ultimately imprisoned because Decima broke their agreement and lied that the ship was fully operational when it wasn’t. As the ship made its way from Earth, the hibernation system broke down within the first year. As a result, the group was forced to spend the next 12 years awake. In the overall narrative of the second season of the series, Vrille is set to play an important role.

It seems that she doesn’t completely trust Marcus, a man with whom her mother has become enamored. Despite this, she helps Marcus in his attempt to get other criminals free from the clutches of the atheists. Toward the end of episode 2, she meets Campion and Paul and is likely to become a part of their group. This will inadvertently make her a path for Marcus to reach out to Paul and Mary/Sue.

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