Raised by Wolves Season 2 Episode 1 and 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

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Created by Aaron Guzikowski, ‘Raised by Wolves’ is a science fiction drama series riddled with complex philosophies and Biblical allegories. But the writers of the show consciously do not restrict themselves to one theological source while building its vibrant mythology.

In the first two episodes of season 2, Mother/Lamia (Amanda Collin) meets the Trust, the quantum supercomputer that serves as the guide and leader of the atheists, and once more finds a purpose in her life. She, Father, and the six children become members of the atheists’ colony, the Collective. Meanwhile, Marcus (Travis Fimmel) comes to think that he has a new purpose in life. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of the second episode of ‘Raised by Wolves’ season 2. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Raised by Wolves Season 2 Episode 1 and 2 Recap

Episode 1 begins as a group of atheist soldiers finds Lamia. As she is deactivated, they have no way of knowing exactly what kind of an android she is. Elsewhere, Father is also found. One of the soldiers that find her is Tamerlane, who asks prisoner Decima to assess the condition of the android. Decima’s android “daughter” Vrille, modeled after Decima’s real daughter, who died of suicide, finds a snakeskin that the snakelike creature that Lamia gave birth to recently shed.

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After she is taken to the colony, she meets the Trust, which was also developed by Campion Sturges, Lamia’s creator. She subsequently reunites with Father and the six children. They are allowed to live in the colony, which the Trust runs like a socialist community. Every day, each member of the community is designated a new task. There is more or less harmony in the community, despite the presence of some disgruntled members. This includes Tamerlane, who has increasingly become agitated because he has to serve a machine.

Meanwhile, 3,000 miles from the tropical zone, Marcus plots how to convert the atheists into believers of Sol. He later saves Decima and Vrille by removing the exploding devices from their chests. In the closing scenes of the first season, someone leaves a burning symbol of Sol outside the residence of Mother and the children. In season 2 episode 2, the perpetrator of the crime is captured, and it’s none other than Tamerlane. Later, the Trust tasks Lamia to punish Tamerlane, who eventually escapes from the colony and takes shelter with Marcus and Decima.

Raised by Wolves Season 2 Ending: What Does Mother/Lamia Burn?

In the second episode of season 2 of ‘Raised by Wolves,’ the serpent reappears. Since the last time it was seen, the creature has grown exponentially. Campion encounters it while trying to return the bird’s egg he took earlier from the top of a tree. Upon seeing the creature, he becomes startled and falls, losing consciousness. This is when Lamia arrives. Seeing the serpent hovering over Campion, she mistakes its intentions and screams for it to leave. As it does, she notices that she has started oozing white fluids again from the suckling wounds that the creature created earlier.

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The appearance of the monstrous entity creates panic in the colony. The creature dives into the acid ocean and inadvertently drags the marine research station along with it, killing nine people, including a child. This prompts the Trust to launch a hunt for the creature. Lamia goes to look for it on her own, while Father leads the Mithraic captives to be used as baits. Campion comes to believe that the creature wasn’t trying to hurt him. He and Paul run into Vrille, who has been shot from one of the tanks, and let her accompany them.

Lamia eventually comes across a large piece of skin. As the creature is a snakelike animal, it sheds its skin. We can safely presume that it does so for the same reason an ordinary snake sheds its skin on Earth: for growth and change. The creature has outgrown its skin, so it leaves it behind, continuously becoming larger. At the end of episode 2, Lamia is yet to find the creature, but she finds one of its discarded skins and sets fire to it.

What Does Marcus Want Now?

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Since he started hearing voices, Marcus has changed drastically, losing grasp on his sanity bit by bit. However, in season 2, he seems to have regained some control over it. He has no intention of killing any more of the atheist colonists. Instead, he decides to turn all of them into followers of Sol. He wants to recreate their religion from Earth, but with certain significant changes. Marcus genuinely believes that he is the one that the Mithraic prophecy is speaking about. He considers his destiny and will do everything he can to make it come true.

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