Who Kidnapped Maddie in Bosch Legacy? Is She Dead or Alive?

Image Credit: Tyler Golden/Amazon Freevee

In ‘Bosch: Legacy,’ the sequel/spin-off of Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Bosch,’ has all the things that made the original series great, though there are certain differences. While the older show centers around Bosch’s (Titus Welliver) life as a police detective affiliated with the Hollywood Homicide Division, the spin-off focuses on the eponymous character as he leaves the police department and becomes a private investigator. One key element that remains the same in both shows is the relationship between Bosch and his daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz). This is why the cliffhanger at the end of the first season is so impactful. When Harry arrives at Maddie’s home, she isn’t there. There is a legitimate chance that she might have been kidnapped. Here is everything you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Kidnapped Maddie?

Through the first season, Maddie undergoes a learning process in which she learns what it is really like to be a police officer in the streets of Los Angeles. It all culminates in the season finale, titled ‘Always/All Ways,’ when a man dies of a gunshot wound right in front of her. She tries to save his life, despite knowing that he is beyond help. She then does the only thing she can do — be there for the man as he dies. Traumatized by the incident, she calls her father, but Bosch doesn’t answer. When more calls also go unanswered, she begins worrying about her father. Although she doesn’t know, she has every reason to be. At that very instant, her father is trying to protect a mother and her child from a professional assassin.

Later, Maddie is supposed to show up at an art exhibition but doesn’t. And it is Bosch’s turn to be worried. He rushes to his daughter’s home and finds that she isn’t there. He also spots that the screen has been cut on one of the windows, which matches the Modus Operandi of the luchador mask-wearing rapist who has sexually assaulted a number of women in the Thai Town neighborhood of Los Angeles. Earlier in the episode, we see the rapist hiding in one of the rooms as Maddie returns home. It is heavily implied that the rapist has kidnapped her.

In episode 9, titled ‘Cat Got a Name?,’ ‘Bosch: Legacy’ introduces a new character — Kurt Dockweiler (Will Chase). He is a property inspector that Maddie calls after finding his number on an inspection notice while trying to find more information on the rapist. Dockweiler later calls her and claims that he hasn’t heard about the attacks. However, he has looked her up on the internet. This seems to imply that he might be the rapist in a luchador mask. If that is indeed the case, Dockweiler has kidnapped Maddie.

Is Maddie Dead or Alive?

Maddie is most probably alive. One important thing to note here is that Bosch doesn’t find any signs of struggle when he enters Maddie’s home. So, whatever happened there, it wasn’t a physical altercation. It’s possible that Dockweiler first knocked her out and then took her away. But then, kidnapping doesn’t necessarily fit the rapist’s Modus Operandi. This means that if Maddie was kidnapped, something happened that he didn’t foresee and was forced to improvise.

The other possibility could be that he kidnapped her to negotiate a deal with the police that would allow him to escape punishment. Though, the counter-argument here is that since nobody knows who is the real rapist, it would be foolhardy on Dockweiler’s part to expose himself and his identity.

The final theory on why he kidnapped Maddie could be just to fulfill his sick fantasy. He is someone who liked to live dangerously and has twisted and perverted sexual desires. To abduct and rape a beautiful police officer might be his ultimate fantasy. Whatever be the reason for his abducting Maddie, one thing is for sure. Bosch is not going to rest till he finds his daughter.

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