Why Did Connor Rhodes Leave Chicago Med? Will Colin Donnell Return to the Show?

Image Credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

An incredibly popular character on ‘Chicago Med,’ Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell), left fans in shock with his sudden exit. Although Connor has not been a part of the show since season 5, fans have never stopped questioning if the show will ever bring him back. Besides, with Colin Donnell seemingly open to a return, there are speculations about a supposed comeback. Thus, with people clamoring for the truth behind such rumors, we decided to jump in and find out if Colin Donnell will ever return to ‘Chicago Med.’

Why Did Connor Rhodes Leave Chicago Med?

Towards the end of season 4, Dr. Ava Bekker confesses to murdering Connor’s father, Cornelius, hoping it will help her reunite with Connor. However, Connor seems quite against the idea and is pretty clear when he informs Ava that they are a closed chapter. Season 5 brings with it an investigation into Cornelius’s death, and surprisingly, most suspect Connor of being responsible for the same.

With Connor being the main person of interest in his father’s murder, Dr. Latham clears his name after realizing that the murderer used insulin to kill Cornelius. Ultimately, the show reveals Ava as the killer, and she ends up dying by suicide instead of surrendering. Such a train of horrifying events makes Connor question his role in the hospital, and he finally decides to leave everything and skip town.

Right near the end of season 4, the show producers toyed with the idea of doing away with Connor and finally decided on writing him out of the show. Explaining their decision under the banner of “creative freedom,” they announced that Connor would not come back after his storyline plays out in season 5. Moreover, it seemed like the decision was ultimately taken by the showrunners and NBC.

Will Colin Donnell Return to The Show?

Unfortunately, even in the light of recent speculation, there is no evidence to suggest Colin Donnell’s return to the series. Even after leaving the show in the 5th season, fans never stopped caring about Donnell’s character and hoped he would make a sudden and much-awaited return in the near future. Donnell, too, seemed eager for a comeback and expressed his wish to step back into his character’s shoes in a 2019 interview with US Weekly.

However, that was never to be, and Donnell soon got involved in other projects that demanded his utmost attention. Following his departure from ‘Chicago Med,’ Donnell played the role of Charlie in the 2020 TV movie ‘Love on Iceland,’ and got involved in the production of ‘Arrow‘ where he plays the iconic Tommy Merlyn. In 2021, the brilliant actor made a return to the silver screen as Aaron Maxwell in ‘To Catch a Spy,’ and now stars as Mack/Paulo in the phenomenal crime drama ‘Irreverent.’

Besides, Colin Donnell also seems quite content in his personal life and is spending some of his best days with his loving wife, Patti Murin, and their adorable daughter, Cecily. It is honestly wonderful to witness the memories the family shares on social media, and we hope they remain happy for the years to come.

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