Why Did Sebastian Drive the Bus? Is He Bad in Bird Box Barcelona?

Netflix’s ‘Bird Box Barcelona‘ is a spin-off of the 2018 film’ Bird Box and takes place during an apocalyptic event where unseen monsters force people to take their own lives. It follows Sebastian, a father trying to survive the apocalypse with his daughter by allying with other survivors. However, as the narrative progresses, viewers quickly realize that Sebastian has sinister motives behind joining the survivors. Hence, viewers must be looking for an explanation for Sebastian’s actions and wondering if he is good or bad. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Sebastian Leads Others to Salvation

In ‘Bird Box Barcelona,’ viewers are introduced to Sebastian and his daughter, Anna, who are trying to survive in the Barcelona streets after the unexplained arrival of otherworldly creatures that triggered mass hysteria and caused countless deaths. The creatures drive humans to insanity and suicide through sheer eye contact, forcing Sebastian and Anna to blindfold themselves for survival. Eventually, Sebastian meets a group of survivors led by Marical and tries to join them. He gets their trust after convincing them he knows where to find a generator. However, after arriving at the group’s shelter, Sebastian quickly makes a note of their supplies.

When everyone is asleep on the bus at night, Sebastian starts and drives the group out in the open streets. Later, Sebastian forces everyone to make eye contact with the creatures, leading to the death of everyone except one member of the group who is already blind. Hence, it is evident that Sebastian drove the bus into the streets to make the survivors interact with the monsters. He claims that seeing the monsters frees the souls of humans from suffering and pain and leads them to salvation. Sebastian believes that by liberating these souls, he will get closer to his goal of reuniting with his daughter and wife in the afterlife.

Sebastian Is Morally Ambiguous

‘Bird Box Barcelona’ distances itself from the mold of ‘Bird Box’ by focusing on an unconventional protagonist. In the film, Sebastian is the point of view character and remains the focus of most of the story. The narrative follows Sebastian as he continues his quest to liberate souls, hoping to reunite with his family in paradise. He tries to mislead and sabotage another group of survivors as they travel to a military camp on a hilltop where they hope to find refuge. Since Sebastian’s actions led to the death of several innocent survivors, it is easy to call him the story’s antagonist. However, the answer gets much more complicated, especially after viewers learn the true motivations and causes behind Sebastian’s seemingly heinous actions.

Eventually, it is revealed that Sebastian witnessed his wife and daughter die during the apocalypse. However, the grief and trauma from his daughter’s death turned him into a “Seer,” who is immune to the suicidal tendencies impart by eye contact with the monsters. Ultimately, Sebastian realizes that the ghostly visions of his daughter that were encouraging him to kill innocent survivors were the work of the creatures, and he breaks free from the dilutions. In the end, Sebastian helps Claire and Sofia reach the military camp, ensuring their survival by sacrificing his own life.

During the film’s climax, Sebastian seemingly redeems himself from his previous deeds by saving Claire and helping Sofia, a young girl who reminds him of his daughter, reunite with her mother. Although Sebastian’s saving two lives does not outdo the countless ones he took, it is still worth noting that he succeeded in breaking the delusion crafted by the creatures, unlike the other Seers. Hence, while some viewers might see Sebastian as the film’s villain, the creatures and the Seers are true antagonists of the story. Ultimately, making Sebastian a morally grey character and allowing viewers to decide whether he is good or bad adds a different perspective to the survival horror elements of the film, which viewers came to know and love from ‘Bird Box,’ which focuses on a more traditional protagonist.

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