Why Do Will and Grace Break Up? Will They Get Back Together in Chicago Med?

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The eighth season of NBC’s medical series ‘Chicago Med’ revolves around the astounding changes that transform Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Jack Dayton’s decision to buy the controlling interest in the hospital paves the way for Grace Song‘s appointment at the same. Although Grace doesn’t receive a warm welcome from her new colleagues at the ED, she eventually forms a connection with Will Halstead. Even though they both have different approaches to practicing medicine, the couple tries to give their companionship a chance, only to break up in the twenty-first episode of the season. So, why exactly do they break up? Are there any chances of them reuniting as a couple? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Heartbreaking Split of Will and Grace

When Grace Song gets appointed by Jack Dayton to transform Gaffney’s ED to the “standards” of the latter, her new colleagues find it hard to accept her as one of their own. Although Will isn’t any better at first, he eventually realizes that Grace’s work has the potential to save the lives of several patients. Will’s changed opinion about her work brings them closer as they start to go on dates. After staying single for a while, Will finally decides to give their budding companionship a chance. However, Dayton’s decision to turn Gaffney into a public hospital threatens Will and Grace’s togetherness even before it becomes strong enough to become a committed relationship.

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After establishing himself as the new “custodian” of Gaffney, Dayton plans to turn the hospital private to attract more investments. Grace wholeheartedly supports his mentor’s intentions while Will finds the transformation of the hospital atrocious, especially since it denies treatment to several underprivileged patients. Will has to register patients as emergency cases to provide care while Grace eagerly awaits the results of the changes Dayton wants to implement at the hospital. When the businessman finally manages to garner enough votes to turn the hospital private, the differences between Will and Grace make their togetherness hang by a thread.

After turning Gaffney into a private hospital, Dayton decides to provide the services of OR 2.0 to patients who can afford hefty bills. The same infuriates Will, who expresses his frustration and anger to Grace, who champions Dayton’s actions. Will finds it hard to accept that his partner favors measures that deny basic medical care to people who cannot afford the same while Grace fails to tolerate the former’s hostility towards innovation and change. In the twenty-first episode of the eighth season, they argue about Dayton’s changes, which eventually leads them to their break up.

Will Will and Grace Get Back Together?

As far as Grace is concerned, Jack Dayton is the torch bearer of progress and development, which makes her support him unconditionally, even if it means separating from her partner. Meanwhile, Dr. Crockett Marcel stoops to distress following the death of his patient Richard, who is operated on with the assistance of OR 2.0. Marcel asks Grace for Richard’s files, which she fails to find on 2.0’s servers. The surgeon then asks Dayton for the same, only for the businessman to reply that he hid the files because Richard died due to a mistake committed by Marcel. Will, however, proves that the mistake was committed by 2.0 rather than the surgeon.

Will then exposes Dayton using Richard’s files to Grace, who gets astounded upon learning about her mentor’s wrongdoings. Dayton’s attempts to wrongfully blame Marcel for a patient’s death and promote 2.0 as the future of medicine without acknowledging its flaws may finally open Grace’s eyes for her to see the real face of her mentor. She may get convinced that Dayton’s only concerns are the money and fame he will receive by the privatization of Gaffney. If that’s the case, Will and Grace may clear the differences between them as they will end up on the same page about the businessman.

In the already greenlighted ninth season of the show, we can expect Will and Grace to dig deeper into Dayton’s actions to expose him. Such a potential mission may bring them closer, likely paving the way for their reunion.

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