Why Does Rip Hate Walker on Yellowstone?

Yellowstone‘ features some exciting interpersonal character dynamics that capture the attention of the audience. In the series, Rip Wheeler and Walker do not see eye to eye for quite a while. Their mutual dislike has produced some dramatically explosive moments on the show. The duo’s disdain for one another is quite known to their peers. However, if you need a refresher about how the conflict between the two men originated and why Rip hates Walker so much, you have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know in that regard!

What Happened Between Rip and Walker on Yellowstone?

Rip is John Dutton’s trusted right-hand man and takes care of any and all dirty work John asks him to do. He was taken in by John at a young age and remains loyal to the Duttons. John asks Rip to hire some new ranch hands in the first season. This paves the way for Walker’s entry into the fold. Walker is an ex-convict who is just out of prison. Rip offers him a job at the ranch. Walker agrees to take the job without giving it much thought.

Walker undergoes the initiation ritual, aka gaining the Yellowstone brand. Although Rip tells him the branding is a symbol of loyalty and second chances, Walker isn’t all that committed to the cause. Soon, Walker becomes aware of the criminal activities the Duttons engage in to protect their land. He starts butting heads with Rip and disobeys orders numerous times.

Why Does Rip Hate Walker on Yellowstone?

Walker helps Rip in covering up a murder for the Duttons. Walker does not wish to become part of such activities, but Rip insists he must do so as one of the branded men. From here on, Rip’s hatred towards Walker starts to take shape. Rip believes that Walker isn’t seriously committed to the ranch and the responsibilities that come with the branding. However, Walker’s perspective is slightly different. As an ex-convict, he simply does not wish to get himself embroiled in any shady activities that could land him back into prison.

Nonetheless, the two men fail to understand each other’s perspectives. Moreover, in the first season, Rip’s love interest Beth also shows an interest in Walker, making Rip jealous. Rip’s hatred towards Walker at least partially stems from the incident. Things between the two men reach a boiling point when Rip lays a death sentence on Walker. Walker leaves the ranch, and the Duttons believe Kayce took care of him. However, in the third season, Rip and Lloyd find Walker is alive and drag him back to the ranch. Rip gives Walker one last chance to prove his loyalty, and after doing so, Walker resumes working as a ranch hand.

Rip and Walker are basically anti-thesis of each other. Rip believes in loyalty and obeys every order without question. Walker is wary of commitment and prefers to look out for himself first. Therefore, this fundamental difference in their personalities draws a wedge between them. Although the conflict between the duo has somewhat settled, some viewers still believe that Rip’s hatred for Walker will overpower him at some point.

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