Why is Kyle Richards Not on Buying Beverly Hills?

Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills‘ is a reality series that introduces viewers to the opulence of the real estate industry of Beverly Hills, California. The show revolves around the employees of The agency, a real estate company established by Mauricio Umansky and his partners. As the show progresses, the viewers get to know more and more about the personal lives of Mauricio and his daughters, Farrah Brittany and Alexia Umansky, who are also a part of The Agency. However, one cannot help but notice the absence of Mauricio’s wife, Kyle Richards, in the Netflix show, especially during crucial family moments. If you are wondering about the same and eager for the answers, we have your back!

Why is Kyle Richards Absent From Buying Beverly Hills?

If you think you have heard Kyle Richards’ name before, chances are that you are absolutely right! Mauricio’s wife is a reality TV star in her own right and is well-known for her part in Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ Since the show first aired in 2010, Kyle has been one of the main cast members and retains the position as of writing. Thanks to her fame, Kyle and the Umansky family are quite used to the limelight and have often been a topic of discussion for the general public.

Kyle’s status as a reality TV star is mentioned in ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ by her family, and many of her fans were hoping to get a glimpse of the Housewife on the show. However, the only time they got to see Kyle on the Netflix series was after Farrah Brittany got engaged to Alex Manos in season 1. In order to share the happy news, Farrah video-called her mother, Kyle, who can be seen on Farrah’s mobile screen. Kyle was seemingly having dinner with Mauricio at that time and was ecstatic about the development.

The barely there appearance of Kyle has left the fans even more curious as to why Kyle was not seen in the show. Her husband, Mauricio, did shed some light on the issue during a conversation with US Weekly. “I think that’s just an issue between networks,” Mauricio shared with the news outlet. This comment came amidst the relator addressing the tiff between Kyle and her sister, Kathy Hilton.

Given that Kyle Richards is the only cast member of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ who has stayed with the series since its inception, her name has become highly linked with the show. As such, it is understandable why Bravo would be reluctant to share its star with Netflix, especially for another reality show. Despite her lack of presence on the screen, Kyle is quite delighted about her family’s progress and has cheered them on throughout the process.

“I’m really excited for my husband and the girls,” Richards told Business Insider. “It’s exciting, it’s fun to see how [The Agency] has grown. But I really have my hands full with the ‘Housewives’ and my acting and producing again. My plate is full right now.” We are sure that fans will keep praying for this crossover in the future. However, as of writing, it does not seem like Kyle will be appearing anytime soon on ‘Buying Beverly Hills.’

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