Will Amelia and Link Get Married in Grey’s Anatomy? Theories

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Amelia Shepherd’s personal life in ABC’s medical seriesGrey’s Anatomy’ is nothing short of a roller-coaster. Amelia’s relationship with Ryan Kerrigan, married life with Owen Hunt, and eventual relationship with Kai Bartley succeed in captivating the viewers. However, her brief companionship with Atticus “Link” Lincoln must be the one that holds a special place in the viewers’ hearts. Ever since their heart-rending break-up, admirers of their union have been expecting their eventual reunion, possibly a marital one. As they both start new chapters of their lives in the nineteenth season of the show, one must be wondering whether we will see their marriage materializing. Well, let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Amelia and Link Get Married?

Amelia and Link get closer after Amelia’s separation from her then-husband Owen Hunt. What starts as a casual togetherness becomes much more than the same when Amelia gets pregnant with Link’s baby. Together, they welcome Scout Derek Shepherd Lincoln to the world. But Link’s wish to get married to Amelia changes the dynamics of their relationship. Amelia makes it clear to Link, who wants to nurture a big family with her, that she is not the right person to be his wife and the mother of more children. Her decision regarding the same leads to their separation.

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The chances of Amelia and Link getting married, essentially upon them moving on from such a point in their life together, are indeed low. There isn’t any doubt that Link has feelings for Amelia in some corner of his heart. But after getting rejected, not once but twice, Link may not be keen to reunite with Amelia. He most likely knows that Amelia is entirely clear about her decision to not get married to him, which is essential for Link to be in a relationship with her. Since it is extremely unlikely that she will change her mind, admirers of Amelia and Link’s union may need to lower, if not eliminate, their expectations.

In addition, Amelia is in a relationship with Kai. Although Kai breaks up with Amelia after meeting Scout, since they never wanted children, it doesn’t take much time for both of them to reunite and reaffirm their love for each other. Kai even arrives in Seattle to surprise and spend time with their partner. As things stand, Amelia and Kai are happily together and the chances of them separating are low. Considering the same, it is safe to assume that Link is out of the picture for now and the prospects of his marriage to Amelia happening aren’t looking good at all.

Image Credit: Liliane Lathan/ABC

Although Link most likely will not get married to Amelia, we may not be seeing him remain single for long. In the fourth episode of season 19, he confesses his feelings for Jo Wilson to Teddy Altman. Since Jo has also been expressing her feelings for him, it will not be a surprise to see them ending up together. Even though Link and Jo have decided to not be partners for the sake of protecting their friendship once, they may realize that they can still nurture their friendship as partners, which likely will lead them to a romantic union.

Considering these possibilities, Amelia and Link’s marital union seems like the last thing that will happen in their lives. In the upcoming episodes of the show, we can expect Amelia and Kai to strengthen their bond while Link and Jo try to reveal their feelings for each other to unite as a couple.

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