Will Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes be in AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead?

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The eighth season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ revolves around Morgan Jones’ attempts to retrieve Mo from PADRE upon handing over her to the community for her apparent protection. Morgan realizes that she deserves to spend her life with her father after living as an orphan for seven long years. After Grace’s death, he decides to take her responsibility.

In the sixth episode of the season, Morgan rescues Mo from an enormous herd of walkers, who were released from the shipyard for her to kill, and he decides to leave PADRE with her. Morgan’s journey makes the viewers curious about his possible encounter with Rick Grimes. Does that mean we will see the legendary protagonist of ‘The Walking Dead’ in ‘Fear’? Let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes be in Fear the Walking Dead?

After rescuing Mo from the walkers, Morgan decides to leave PADRE after burying Grace. Confronting his own haunting past to bury his son Duane and wife Jenny and retrieving Mo from PADRE have taught him that he shouldn’t run away from people and the predicaments he is attached to. Therefore, he decides to find people he ran away from before he ended up in Texas, possibly to help them in any way he can as Madison Clark helps him. As a start, he decides to look for Rick Grimes, who asked him to not run away while facing challenges. He sends a radio message to Rick with the hope that they will be able to meet.

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From the series finale of ‘The Walking Dead,’ we know that Rick is really alive. Does that mean we can expect Morgan’s search for Rick and their eventual possible meeting in the upcoming episodes of ‘Fear’? Not really. Morgan’s story arc in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is concluded with his decision to leave PADRE. Lennie James’ Morgan, except for a possible guest appearance, will not feature in the rest of the episodes of the eighth and final season of ‘Fear.’ Therefore, even if Morgan finds Rick and meets him, we can expect the same to happen either off-screen or in ‘The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne,’ the upcoming spin-off series of ‘The Walking Dead,’ revolving around Rick and Michonne.

As of yet, there are no reports that suggest Andrew Lincoln will return to ‘Fear,’ after a guest appearance in the fourth season premiere, as Rick. Lennie’s departure from the post-apocalyptic drama further makes it clear that Morgan’s journey to find Rick most likely will not have anything to do with ‘Fear.’ Therefore, we believe that Lincoln’s Rick most likely will not be in ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ We can expect Rick and Morgan to meet and reconnect as old friends in the ‘Rick & Michonne’ spin-off series. Lennie had already expressed his wish for being a part of the spin-off shows that expand ‘The Walking Dead’ universe.

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“I have an ambition, which is to be on every single Walking Dead spinoff that there is going to be. I’m going to be on the one with Negan and Maggie [The Walking Dead: Dead City]. I’m going to be on the one with Norman in France [The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon]. I’m going to be on Rick & Michonne. They’re going to remount [World Beyond], and I’m going to be on that one as well. And any ones that come in the future,” Lennie told ComicBook. Since Scott M. Gimple, who wrote several of “Morgan” episodes in ‘The Walking Dead,’ is the co-creator of ‘Rick & Michonne,’ we can expect Lennie’s character to feature in the spin-off series.

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