Will Arman and Nadia Break Up in The Cleaning Lady? Theories

Fox’s ‘The Cleaning Lady‘ is a crime drama series that revolves around Thony, a former doctor turned cleaning lady in Las Vegas. Thony inadvertently finds herself working for Arman, a kind-hearted but ruthless criminal who runs a gun-selling business. As Thony and Arman forge a strong friendship, it starts affecting Arman’s relationship with his wife, Nadia.

In the second season, other external factors influence Nadia and Arman’s marriage. Therefore, viewers must be wondering whether the couple will make things work or part ways. If you are wondering whether Arman and Nadia will break up in ‘The Cleaning Lady’ season 2, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between Arman and Nadia?

In ‘The Cleaning Lady,’ Arman (Adan Canto) and Nadia (Eva De Dominici) are a couple who work for Hayak Barsamian and run a gun business. Nadia aids Arman in all his criminal dealings, and the couple has a strong bond. However, after Arman meets Thony and becomes her protector, Nadia grows jealous of Thony. As a result, Nadia and Arman’s relationship starts deteriorating. However, in the second season, Nadia works tirelessly to get Arman out of prison, rekindling the flame of their romance.

Arman and Nadia decide to stick by each other, but the introduction of Robert Kamdar threatens to derail their progress. Robert Kamdar is Nadia’s ex-boyfriend who helped her escape her impoverished life in Argentina. He is a loan shark, and Nadia borrows money from him to pay Arman’s bail. As a result, Arman and Nadia both find themselves indebted to Robert. To repay the money he owes Robert, Arman is forced to work with Thony, who runs a small-scale drug operation for Arman. Meanwhile, Robert tries to disrupt Nadia’s marriage and still seems to have a romantic interest in her.

Will Arman and Nadia Break Up?

The second season’s fifth episode takes Arman and Nadia’s relationship further downhill. In the episode, Arman and Nadia argue about Thony’s methods. However, by the episode’s end, Arman finds himself working more closely with Thony. Arman’s insistence on continuing his association with Thony enrages Nadia. Arman and Thony ride together to the drug deal, and there is a hint of romance between them. Nadia notices Arman’s affection for Thony and feels jealous.

On the other hand, the episode also showcases Arman’s dislike for Robert as he scolds Nadia for interacting with her ex. While Nadia tries to convince her that her association with Robert is merely for their business benefits, Arman refuses to believe her. Therefore, the cracks in Arman and Nadia’s relationship are evident. However, the series is yet to hint at either character directly wanting separation. The first season of the series also sees Arman and Nadia fighting over Arman spending too much time with Thony. However, their relationship appears to be strictly platonic. Therefore, the chances of Arman leaving Nadia for Thony are slim.

Meanwhile, Robert’s introduction into Arman and Nadia’s life slowly unravels the fundamental issues the duo’s marriage faces. Robert’s presence appears to highlight the trust issues Arman and Nadia have. Moreover, her jealousy over Arman’s closeness with Thony could create major hurdles in her marriage. Therefore, Robert’s scheming ways and Nadia’s jealousy could lead to Nadia leaving Arman. However, viewers will have to stay tuned to the remainder of season 2 to find out whether Arman and Nadia actually break up.

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