Will Colonel Lennox Return to Sanditon? Is Tom Weston-Jones Leaving the Show? Theories

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After her former lover Sidney Parker dies in Antigua, Charlotte Heywood finds herself caught between two new suitors when she returns to Sanditon in season 2. While Charlotte prefers Alexander Colbourne, the reclusive widower who employs her as a governess for his daughter and niece, her friends wish that she considers Colonel Francis Lennox (Tom Weston-Jones), a charming war hero who comes to town with his battalion of soldiers. While he manages to impress everyone with stories of his valor, Tom and Arthur suspect that he may not be as honest as he shows.

Moreover, Charlotte is shocked to discover the past connection between Colonel Lennox and Alexander, thus shaking her belief in the former’s character. Eventually, Tom confronts the colonel about not paying the shopkeepers’ debts and wins a wager against him in a game of cards. As ‘Sanditon‘ season 2 ends, Colonel Lennox and his men pack up and leave the seaside town. But is it the last we see of him or will he come back again? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Colonel Lennox Return to Sanditon?

When Charlotte refuses to pay heed to Colonel Lennox’s warnings about Alexander Colbourne, the latter gets desperate to have her for himself. Thus, he asks her to marry him at the Parkers’ ball, but she refuses repeatedly. Angered, he forcefully kisses Charlotte and later threatens her with his social status, but Charlotte is unfazed. Luckily, Alexander arrives at the same time and escorts her away. This incident proves to be an eye-opener for Charlotte and her friends, and she rejects the colonel completely after finding out what he did to Lucy Colbourne.

Afterward, when Tom and Arthur challenge Colonel Lennox for a wager, his arrogance leads him to lose the card game, and he is forced to pay the shopkeepers and forego the debt the Parkers owe him. Not just that, losing the wager means that he has to leave Sanditon and never come back. Just as he and his men are packing up their tents, they get an order that the company has been posted in India and depart town. Except for Captain Fraser, all of the soldiers leave for their next posting with their commander.

Given the shameful way Colonel Lennox has been made to leave Sanditon as well as all the townsfolk realizing his lies and dubious nature, it is highly unlikely that he will return. In addition, his romantic endeavors with Charlotte have failed; hence, there is no reason left for him to stay. Furthermore, since Edward Denham has failed to pay the commission he promised, the battalion is most likely dry of finances after repaying Tom and the shopkeepers. To continue their supplies, it is more suitable that they settle down in a new town in their next posting.

Considering all the above points, Colonel Lennox has seemingly exited Sanditon and Charlotte’s life permanently. Still, there may be a bleak chance that he might bump into Alexander again, now that he knows Leonora is his daughter. If his conscience reforms him and he decides to take responsibility for the little girl, Colonel Lennox will contact the Colbournes again. But as Alexander has also left for London, it can’t be said if and where he will meet the colonel again.

Is Tom Weston-Jones Leaving Sanditon?

Image Credit: Joss Barratt/Red Planet Pictures

As far as the future of Colonel Lennox in the show is concerned, Tom Weston-Jones has not commented on exiting Sanditon. Furthermore, the makers have not made any official announcements about the character of Colonel Lennox being written off the show. However, keeping in mind how the war hero’s story arc culminated in the season 2 finale and he left the town with his men, the chances of the actor returning for the third season are slim. But as there have been no formal statements about Tom leaving the show, it can be just speculated as of yet that he has left for good.

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