Will Eugene and Max End Up Together in The Walking Dead? Theories

Upon settling in the Commonwealth in AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead’ season 11, Eugene falls in love with Stephanie. To take their relationship to the next step, he even makes another copy of his apartment key for his lover. Even though Stephanie reveals her feelings for him, she disappears unexpectedly, leaving Eugene alone. Eugene investigates his lover’s absence, only to realize that Stephanie is Lance’s spy Shira, who enters into his life to lead him to Lance for the deputy governor to retrieve information about other surviving communities.

While Eugene laments Stephanie/Shira’s betrayal, Pamela’s assistant Max reveals to him that she is the real Stephanie who talked to him over the radio. In the twelfth episode of season 11, Eugene and Max rekindle their attachment, making one curious about the prospects of seeing them end up together. Well, here are our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Eugene and Max End Up Together?

Eugene’s search for Stephanie ends when he comes to know that Stephanie is just a trick Lance pulled on him to gain information about Alexandria and other survivor communities. In despair, he burns down everything he possesses that is associated with Stephanie, including his novel. However, Max comes to meet Eugene and astounds him by revealing that she is the one who talked to him over the radio.

Prior to Eugene’s arrival at the Commonwealth, Max talks to Eugene frequently using the radio and they both cherish a bond until Mercer finds out about Max’s communication breach. Lance, who also discovers the communication breach, takes advantage of the breach to use Shira. Max’s revelation leaves Eugene in severe perplexity. He starts to wonder which person he truly loved between Max and Shira.

The shock of Lance’s revelation keeps him away from the truth — the real Stephanie he loved is Max, rather than the spy who deceived him. He takes time to recover from the shock and goes to meet Max. Even though Max is angry at Eugene due to his rude behavior, she lets him in for a conversation. Eugene apologizes to Max and requests a second chance at their companionship and attachment.

Although Max still has warm feelings for Eugene, she is perplexed about how he failed to understand that he is not living with the same Stephanie. Eugene explains that the acceptance Shira displayed, as Stephanie, led him to a relationship with her. Eugene tries his best to explain the predicament to Max to restart their companionship. Even though Max initially dismisses him, she realizes Eugene’s sincerity and starts to talk about his novel rather than ignoring or rejecting him.

Max’s positive reaction towards Eugene’s apology and explanations indicate that she may give him a second chance to rebuild their attachment. Eugene knows that the foundation of his relationship with Shira, who deceived him as Stephanie, was the companionship he nurtured with Max. His attempt to reconcile with Max shows that he still possesses feelings for Max, which can very well mature into a relationship.

Max, on the other hand, is capable of understanding that Eugene hasn’t done anything wrong for her to reject him. Considering the satisfactory end of their conversation in the twelfth episode of season 11, Max is open to rebuilding their camaraderie. If they continue their lives in the same pathway, cherishing the bond they built together, a relationship may not turn out to be a surprise.

Eugene and Max understand each other like no other individual in their lives. The way Max finds happiness in the little details of Eugene’s life is a testament to their compatibility. With no secrets and confusions between them, Max and Eugene can very well rebuild their attachment, which may develop into an admirable relationship.

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