Will Finch Die? Is Gavin Warren Leaving Fear the Walking Dead?

Image Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC

The seventh season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ ends with Sherry getting pregnant. The eighth season reveals that she gave birth to a son named Finch, who grew up in PADRE without knowing who his parents are. Although Dwight and Sherry initially believe that Finch will be safer in PADRE, they eventually start to yearn to form a family with him. Their plans to materialize the same, however, get threatened by Shrike‘s ambitions to develop a cure for walker bites. Finch’s life gets threatened due to the same ambition, making the viewers wonder whether he will die. Well, here’s our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Finch Die?

Ever since setting up the civilization, the heads of PADRE have tried to find a way to eliminate the threat of the walkers. When June ends up at the place, Shrike uses her to conduct experiments to find a cure for walker bites. After several experiments, she admits defeat. However, Shrike introduces a reformed experimentation plan to June to develop a cure that will save the children of PADRE. For implementing the new protocol, she selects Finch. Right when Dwight and Sherry think of starting a family with the little boy, Shrike lets a walker bites Finch and asks June to treat him according to the reformed protocols.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

June initially finds a way to cure Finch. She uses radiation in a limited amount to put an end to the impact of the injection that followed the walker bite. Finch’s condition, however, worsens in the fifth episode of the season. He suffers from a severe fever while Dwight and Sherry try to take Grace to June along with Morgan Jones and Mo. When Finch’s condition deteriorates, June inspects him. Dwight and Sherry notice that the temperature around the wound is extremely severe, which raises concerns over his fate. When Grace turns into a walker, even after Mo administers a high amount of radiation into her wound, Dwight and Sherry’s worries must have increased as well.

As Finch fights for his life, the viewers can’t be blamed for worrying about his fate. Does that mean he will die soon? Are we seeing the last of Gavin Warren in the series? Let’s find out.

Is Gavin Warren Leaving Fear the Walking Dead?

As of yet, neither AMC nor Gavin Warren has released a statement concerning the child actor’s departure from ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ Since the post-apocalyptic series is known for affecting character deaths and cast member departures, it will not be a surprise if Finch dies soon and Warren departs from the series following his character’s demise. Having said that, Finch may not die anytime soon, especially considering the death of Grace in the fifth episode of the eighth season. Finch’s death due to a walker bite, following Grace’s death due to the same cause, can be repetitive for the viewers and the writers of the series may have another fate conceived for Dwight and Sherry’s son.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

In the fifth episode of the season, June reveals that she didn’t expose Finch to high radiation fearing that he will suffer from the consequences of the same. Considering that such exposure seems like the only way to cure walker bites, Finch may get exposed to radiation once again under June’s watch. His infection may get cured due to the same and if that’s the case, Finch may continue to live. Although there can be repercussions to such an exposure, the same may not take Finch’s life away in the near future.

June may even find a breakthrough while trying to rescue Finch from his possible death. In light of the possibility, Finch’s confrontation with death can be a narrative development conceived for June to ultimately find the cure she has been searching for. Considering these factors, we believe that Warren most likely will continue featuring in ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’

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