What Happened to Luciana? Did Danay García Leave Fear the Walking Dead?

Image Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC

The eighth season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ revolves around PADRE’s efforts to build a new civilization for the future. Since Morgan Jones has revealed the location of his friends and allies in return for his adoptive daughter Mo, most of them end up in the authoritarian regime. Morgan, Grace, Dwight, Sherry, June, etc. work in different capacities in the mysterious civilization. However, Luciana Galvez hasn’t yet appeared in the community, which makes the viewers concerned about Danay García’s absence in the eighth season of the series. Since the installment continues to focus only on a handful of major characters, it is certain that Luciana is missed. So, what really happens to her in the show? Let us share what we know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Luciana’s Journey: Awaiting Reunion with Daniel

The seventh season of the post-apocalyptic drama depicts Luciana taking care of Daniel Salazar, especially due to his memory loss and mental illness. Luciana and Daniel eventually join Alicia and Morgan’s friends and allies as they aspire to end up in a safe place, away from the radiation exposure of Texas. In the fifteenth episode of season 7, the group, which includes Luciana, sets out to find a safe place for their survival, which paves the way for their abduction by PADRE. Luciana is expected to be captured by the soldiers of the authoritarian regime. Since Daniel is a useless asset for PADRE due to his age and mental illness, the two get separated.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

In the third episode of the series, Daniel talks about not looking after Luciana upon ending up at PADRE. Daniel must be meaning that he couldn’t take care of her when he got forced to leave the community due to his old age. Like Grace and Sherry, she must have been forced to work for the community. Upon losing his father figure and allies, she must have accepted her fate and become a useful asset to the authoritarian regime. If that’s not the case, she must have escaped from PADRE to reconnect with Daniel. They may meet each other soon as Daniel and his force are near the island to dethrone the brother and sister who formed PADRE.

Since Luciana hasn’t yet featured in the eighth season, the viewers must be wondering whether Danay García had parted ways with the series. Well, let’s see.

Luciana’s Return in Eighth Season Confirmed

No, Danay García did not leave ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ As per IMDb, the actress is expected to feature in the fifth episode of the eighth season, titled ‘More Time Than You Know.’ Luciana’s absence in the first four episodes of the season is understandable since those episodes focus on establishing PADRE as a new civilization committed to the future of humanity. The same episodes follow characters who are directly in conflict with the authoritarian regime, such as Morgan, June, Dwight, Sherry, Daniel, etc. Luciana must have stayed away from challenging PADRE for a peaceful existence in the community.

We can expect Luciana and Daniel to reunite in the fifth episode of the eighth season. Since Daniel is committed to bringing PADRE down, Luciana may join him so that the kidnapped children can go back to their parents. Since Shrike is expected to surround Morgan, Grace, Dwight, and Sherry with soldiers, Luciana may extend her support to the group irrespective of Morgan’s actions that caused her abduction by PADRE. The group, including Luciana, may form a force to threaten Shrike and her brother Crane’s authority.

In February 2023, Danay García shared a photograph from the filming sets of the series’ eighth season, alongside Colman Domingo (Victor Strand), Rubén Blades (Daniel), and Kim Dickens (Madison Clark), indicating that the actress is still an integral part of ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’

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