Is Madison Clark Alive? Is Kim Dickens Returning to Fear the Walking Dead?

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In the second half of the AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 7, John Dorie Sr. rescues Baby Mo sacrificing his own life for Morgan. With Baby Mo, Morgan embarks on a journey to a radiation-free region to safeguard the child. In the fifteenth episode of season 7, Morgan informs Alicia that he heard chatter on the radio and that he is going to find a nearby place.

As the official promo of episode 16 offers glimpses of Morgan and Baby Mo’s future in an unknown land, the viewers must have been astounded to see the appearance of Madison Clark. Naturally, one must be wondering whether Madison is alive and Kim Dickens is back on the show. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Madison Clark Alive?

Yes, Madison Clark is alive. In the eighth episode of season 4, Madison draws a large herd of walkers into a stadium to save Alicia, Nick, Victor Strand, and Luciana. Even though she initially plans to escape from the stadium through the tunnels, she abandons the plan when she finds out that they are blocked. Madison ultimately starts a fire in the stadium to annihilate the walkers, supposedly sacrificing herself. However, Madison’s appearance in the official promo makes it evident that she has survived the fire and walkers, paving the way for Kim Dickens’ return to the show, as confirmed by Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss, co-showrunners of the show.

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“Anyone who’s a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ universe knows if you don’t see somebody die, anything is possible,” Ian Goldberg told Insider about Madison being alive. “[…] Madison has been on an incredible journey since that night at the stadium to where we find her in season seven. And that is absolutely a story we’re gonna tell when we meet her. [..] We’re gonna know what she’s been up to and why she’s become the person she’s become,” Goldberg added.

According to Andrew Chambliss, Madison’s survival and subsequent journey are integral parts of the show going forward. “A large part of her [Madison’s] return is asking the questions: What has that journey been about? Where does that leave her as a character? How does that shape her going forward and how does that shape the show going forward? It’s gonna provide a really big signpost for where the show is going forward,” he told Insider in the same interview. “She will not appear in just a flash. When she appears, it is going to be in a major, significant way. It will not just be a cameo. I promise you that,” Chambliss added.

Is Kim Dickens Returning to Fear the Walking Dead?

Image Credit: Michael Desmond/AMC

Madison’s survival and her appearance in season 7 open a gateway for Kim Dickens to return to the show. “[…] she [Kim Dickens] was just very excited about the idea of revisiting Madison’s character and seeing where she’s been and the journey she’s been on. And, as we got into the conversation about the creative, she got excited, we got excited, and kind of fed off each other,” Chambliss told Insider about Dickens’ willingness to return to portray Madison again.

In the upcoming episodes of the show, we can look forward to seeing Madison’s encounter with Morgan and Baby Mo. We will get to know more about the journey she had after surviving from walkers and the burning stadium to reach the likely radiation-free region where she meets Morgan. Since Alicia doesn’t join her followers to escape from the locality of the Tower, we may even see Madison going to the Tower to save her daughter.

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