Is Wes Dead? Did Colby Hollman Leave FTWD?

Image Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC

In the fourteenth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 7, Strand and Alicia arrive at a truce regarding the war for the Tower. Alicia agrees to stay with him in his haven in return for the safety of his followers. The duo’s decision enrages Wes, who has become Strand’s de facto deputy to fight Alicia’s followers. Wes asks Strand to reconsider the decision, only for the latter to make it clear that he needs Alicia with him. Wes, who has gained the support of Strand’s rangers, attempts to kill him and Alicia, paving the way for life-threatening consequences. So, is Wes dead? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Wes Dead?

Yes, Wes is dead. Wes joins Strand when he realizes that Alicia and her followers have been giving false hopes to others. He doesn’t want to fight for her army when lies and manipulations plague the group. He considers Strand as an honest man, who stands by his ambitions and plans even though they are evil. Wes’ perception changes when Strand welcomes Alicia, who arrives at the Tower with an army for war, to live with him. Strand’s actions make Wes thinks that his leader is compromising the safety of his haven for Alicia. He feels responsible and turns against Strand with the support of the latter’s rangers.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Wes doesn’t want to jeopardize the stability of the Tower by inviting Alicia and her people, even though Strand wants it. He thinks that Strand doesn’t deserve to be the leader of the sanctuary if he chooses to prioritize Alicia over the Tower he built. He goes after Alicia and Strand to kill them since they don’t listen to him. Wes holds Alicia at gunpoint, only for Strand to kill him by stabbing him with a sword. Fearing Wes would kill Alicia, Strand kills the former without giving him a chance to change his mind.

Wes’ death changes the dynamics of Strand and Alicia’s relationship. Alicia initially believes that she can change Wes’ mind for him to consider accepting her and her followers to the Tower. As someone who has saved his life before, she knows that she does have a chance. However, Strand thinks otherwise. He kills him immediately to eliminate his threat. Strand’s action makes Alicia realize that he can never change and will always remain a selfish person. If the leader of the Tower has waited for a while, giving Alicia enough time to talk sense to Wes, the latter may haven’t ended up dead.

Since Wes dies, admirers of the character and show must be eager to know whether Colby Hollman had departed from the horror show. Let us share the answer!

Did Colby Hollman Leave FTWD?

Although neither AMC nor Colby Hollman has announced the actor’s exit, Wes’ death indicates that Hollman’s time in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ had come to an end. Since the developments in the fourteenth episode of season 7 seemingly conclude the character’s storyline, Hollman did most likely leave the show. Considering the unlikeliness of Wes appearing in any other character’s dreams or visions, there apparently isn’t any scope for the character in the narrative of the show for Hollman to reappear.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Since the fifth season, Hollman’s Wes plays an integral role in the narrative of the show. Wes’ death is also expected to influence the lives of Alicia and Strand in the upcoming episodes. Even though we may not see Hollman again, we can look forward to seeing how his character’s death will further divide Alicia and Strand in the face of immense danger.

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