Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The fifteenth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 7, titled ‘Amina,’ centers around the survivors’ efforts to escape from the burning Tower and radioactive walkers. Daniel, Luciana, June, Dwight, and others rescue Alicia from the Tower and let her know that they are escaping from the region in rafts. Alicia sees the masked girl who leads her back to the Tower in search of the latter’s friend. Victor Strand finds it hard to part ways with the haven he built. The episode ends with a life-altering decision Alicia makes and let us decode the same for you! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Recap

‘Amina’ begins with Alicia’s followers preparing to escape from the locality of the Tower after rescuing Alicia from the building’s roof. They inform her that Strand has chosen to stay at the burning building. While resting at the beach, Alicia sees the masked girl who helped her when she passed out several times. The girl asks Alicia’s help to find her friend and they go towards the Tower. Alicia believes that the girl’s friend can lead her to PADRE. Midway, Alicia passes out and wakes up after some time inside the MRAP. She finds a tape titled “Amina.”

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Alicia reveals to the girl that she is bitten by a walker and may turn into one soon. The girl reveals a bite mark on her hand and tells Alicia that she was bitten too. They arrive at the premises of the Tower but Alicia passes out again. June, Dwight, Daniel, Luciana, and a few others save her from the walkers but she insists on going back to the Tower for saving the girl and her friend. With the help of the followers, she gets into the Tower alone and finds the girl. She lets Alicia know that her friend is Victor Strand. Alicia goes to Strand and persuades him to escape from the burning building with her.

Meanwhile, Alicia sees a bird and tries to open the window for it to fly away. The girl breaks the window for the bird to fly and takes off her mask. The girl tells Alicia that she is Alicia’s younger self, making it evident that the girl is nothing but an illusion. Alicia and Strand eventually leave the Tower and get into the MRAP and contact Luciana for help. Alicia and Strand arrive at the beach while others get ready to leave the place on rafts to a safe place like PADRE.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Ending: Why Does Alicia Save Victor Strand?

When Strand realizes that Alicia will never forgive him for killing Wes, he refrains from helping her followers. When her followers come to save Alicia, Strand doesn’t join them. He chooses to die in the Tower upon realizing that Alicia will never accept or love him. Since he doesn’t have anything else to live for, death doesn’t scare Strand. However, Alicia arrives at the Tower as her subconscious creates an illusion of her younger self for her to save Strand. Irrespective of their differences, Strand is the closest she has to family. Even if she decides to leave him to death, her subconscious wants Strand to be safe.

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Before Strand leaves with Alicia’s followers, the latter assures her love for him. He has loved her like a father despite the conflicts they had to deal with over the years. Alicia has never hated Strand. Her opposition has always been against his decisions and principles. When she realizes that Strand is left to die at the Tower, she thinks about the wounded bird she nursed back to health before the apocalypse. Strand is also a wounded bird, who deserves her love for regaining emotional health. In addition, Alicia knows that Strand is essential for the safety and future of her followers.

Since Alicia is dying, her followers need someone ambitious and resilient to guide and protect them, especially in the face of unknown dangers. She realizes that she cannot be the leader of her group anymore with her health and pass the baton to him. The foundation of Strand’s ambitions has always been proving Alicia his worth. Thus, she knows that he will give his everything to prove his capability of protecting her followers as she hands over the responsibility of their lives to him.

Why Doesn’t Alicia Leave with Others? Why Does She Go Back to the Tower?

When Alicia’s followers get into rafts to leave the region, she decides to not embark on the journey. She knows that she will only slow down the rest of the group as she has already done due to her frequent fainting episodes. Alicia doesn’t want to jeopardize the safety of the people who have believed in her by making them take care of her in the face of dangers. The fever and fainting episodes make it evident to her that her days are numbered. After witnessing several sacrifices, Alicia may not be able to see someone dying for her again.

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Furthermore, Alicia wants to stay back in case any survivors arrive at the locality of the Tower after listening to the message she shared through the transmitter. She feels responsible for the lives of those survivors, who may reach the Tower following her words, only to encounter radioactive walkers and radiation exposure. To avoid such a predicament, she decides to make use of the rest of her life for the safety of the survivors in a search of a haven.

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