Will Lance or Leah Kill Maggie in The Walking Dead? Theories

The eleventh and final season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead’ depicts an engrossing chapter of Maggie’s life. She joins hands with Negan, the killer of her husband, for the sake of Alexandria. Her life gets threatened by the Reapers, a hostile community that takes control of her previous home Meridian. After surviving the Reapers, she encounters trouble again in the form of Lance Hornsby, the deputy governor of the Commonwealth. In the fifteenth episode of season 11, Maggie raises her gun against Lance, most likely inciting him to wage a war against her. Since he proposes a job for Leah, most possibly to put an end to Maggie’s life, the admirers of the show must be worrying about the beloved character’s fate. Well, let us share our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Lance or Leah Kill Maggie?

Toby Carlson’s death stirs several concerns in Lance’s mind, who decides to search Hilltop for the religious group and the stolen guns. Maggie opens the gate of Hilltop to Lance, who confirms that Maggie is involved in Carlson’s death and the group’s escape. He tries his best to retrieve information from Hershel regarding the group but ends up being held at gunpoint by Maggie for talking to her son. A humiliated Lance leaves Hilltop but determinedly aspires to capture Maggie’s community from her. His eventual encounter with Leah seemingly motivates him to consider her as his ally in the potential war against Maggie.

Image Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

In the pretense of helping, Lance aspires to take control of Alexandria, Hilltop, Oceanside, and other survivor communities. Upon taking advantage of Alexandria’s uninhabitable conditions, Lance succeeds in hijacking the community using the front of renovation. Maggie, however, turns out to be a different ball game for Lance. He fails to trick and strike a deal with her, which threatens his ambitions. Since Oceanside also teams up with Hilltop’s leader, Lance realizes that Maggie is a major challenge in his way.

When Lance finds out that Maggie has helped the religious group, the deputy governor of the Commonwealth loses his patience. He realizes that she is becoming stronger with increasing allies. As Maggie makes it clear that she doesn’t mind holding a loaded gun at him, Lance may think about annihilating her power, either by killing her or limiting her authority. His potential alliance with Leah can only mean that Maggie’s life is in grave danger. For destroying her family, Leah may try to exact vengeance on Hilltop’s leader. If that’s the case, death isn’t far away from Maggie.

However, we may not need to worry about Maggie dying yet. In March 2022, AMC greenlit a spin-off show named ‘Isle of the Dead,’ which follows Maggie and Negan, indicating that the character doesn’t die in ‘The Walking Dead.’ Since her saga continues beyond the narrative of the show, we may see her overcoming Lance and Leah’s attempts to put an end to her life. Even if a battle turns out to be inevitable against the duo, Maggie may end up victorious as always. With Daryl, Negan, Aaron, and others as her allies, Lance or Leah may only fail if they set out to kill Maggie.

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