Will Lisa Edelstein’s Gwyn Return to 9-1-1: Lone Star?

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As a mother, Gwyneth “Gwyn” Morgan cherishes an adorable bond with her son T.K. in FOX’s action series ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’ When T.K. fell into the gallows of drug addiction, Gwyn made sure that he isn’t alone to pick himself up. Gwyn also lends her support to her ex-husband Owen Strand when he suffers from cancer. In the seventh episode of the third season, T.K. and Strand come to know that Gwyn died, terrifying them. Gwyn’s death paves the way for Lisa Edelstein’s exit from the show. However, the narrative of the show keeps a door open for Gwyn’s potential return irrespective of her death. So, will Lisa Edelstein return to ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ in the future? Let’s find out!

Why Did Lisa Edelstein Leave 9-1-1: Lone Star?

In the eighth episode of season 3, it is revealed that Gwyn gets hit by a delivery bike. The driver calls 9-1-1 for assistance in a panic and confirms that Gwyn is dead. Right before getting hit, Gwyn pushes Jonah’s stroller to save her baby from the accident. Following the tragedy, Lisa Edelstein exits from the show as the character’s arc gets fulfilled with Gwyn’s death.

“We felt like this was the best resolve of her [Edelstein’s] character’s arc. You know, she lives in New York, she has a significant other in New York, she’s [just had] his baby. Those are stories that certainly wouldn’t fit in the 9-1-1: Lone Star, Texas universe. She lives a separate life there. So it had kind of run its course. […] And you know, there’s nothing more dramatic than an unexpected death, as opposed to her just being on the phone every sixth episode or something like that,” Rob Lowe, lead performer and executive producer of the show, said to EW.

According to Tim Minear, Gwyn’s death also gave him an opportunity to explore T.K.’s sobriety and the emotional struggles he confronts. The tragedy of Gwyn’s death, even with the cost of Edelstein’s exit, plays a pivotal part in T.K.’s storyline.

Will Lisa Edelstein’s Gwyn Return to 9-1-1: Lone Star?

As an integral part of T.K. and Owen Strand’s storylines, Lisa Edelstein’s Gwyn appears in the show from the second season. Gwyn appears in T.K.’s dreams when he fights to stay alive in a hospital due to severe hypothermia. After missing his mother’s funeral, T.K. again sees Gwyn in his vision as he eats her favorite Chinese foods with his father. Gwyn and T.K. assure each other that the dinner is the first of many. Naturally, fans of the show and character must be wondering whether Edelstein’s Gwyn will return to the show through T.K.’s visions and dreams.

Image credit: Kevin Estrada/FOX

When asked about the prospects of Gwyn’s return by EW, Rob Lowe confirmed that there’s a possibility. “I have a sneaking suspicion that there should be, there could be a very wonderful, unexpected return [of Lisa Edelstein]. We’re cooking up something super special for our season finale. And when Tim Minear is ready to tell everybody about it, I’m sure everybody will know. But if we go with his brilliant idea, I think Lisa would probably play a part in it,” he said. In the same interview, Minear also revealed that the viewers haven’t seen the last of Edelstein on the show.

In an interview given in February 2022, Edelstein also revealed that she is up for reappearing in the show in dream sequences once in a while. Considering these factors, we believe that Lisa Edelstein’s Gwyn will return to ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’ In the upcoming episodes, we can expect Gwyn to appear in T.K.’s visions and dreams to continue her emotional support.

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