Will Max Return to New Amsterdam?

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Ryan Eggold’s Dr. Max Goodwin is the nucleus of NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam.’ Max’s efforts to revolutionize the services and outlook of the New Amsterdam hospital are pivotal parts of the show’s narrative. His unflinching determination and relentlessness to serve the patients and the society are nothing short of inspirational.

However, season 4 of the show witnesses Max leaving the hospital and the sense of family he created among the staff during his tenure as the Medical Director of New Amsterdam to accompany Helen to London. Even though the change of environment does not alter Max’s eagerness to treat and help people, he struggles to find his footing in the English capital. As he faces challenges one after the other to settle in London, fans are curious to know whether a return to New Amsterdam is on the cards. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Max Return to New Amsterdam?

When Helen chooses to resign from New Amsterdam to join her former workplace, NHS Hampstead, Max is left with two choices — either he sacrifices his relationship with Helen or he leaves the hospital, which has become home. For the first time in his life, Max decides to prioritize his personal life and leaves New Amsterdam to join Helen in London. The doctor starts his life in the English city as a receptionist in his girlfriend’s hospital and secures the permit to practice medicine in the United Kingdom.

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Still, Max’s qualifications fail to align with the job offers he finds in London. His unceasing desire to treat patients conflicts with his unemployment and drives him to disappointment. Finally, he starts to treat patients in alleyways by stealing resources from Helen’s hospital. As Max’s attempts to settle in London with a job that demands his resolution do not yield any results, there is indeed a possibility that he may return to New Amsterdam.

As far as Max is concerned, New Amsterdam is not a hospital like any other. The establishment holds the memories of his late sister and wife, which are closer to his heart than any other fragments of his past. The love and care he receives from his colleagues in New Amsterdam are invaluable to Max’s life. Naturally, seeing the degradation of the hospital under the reign of his successor Veronica Fuentes must be the last thing he can accept.

Considering the changes Veronica brings in New Amsterdam — turning the hospital into a profit-generating mechanism instead of a healthcare facility — Max may return to save the establishment before it hits rock bottom. Since he always cares for the well-being of the patients above his own personal life, it will not be a surprise to see Max bidding adieu to London to return to New Amsterdam. Furthermore, seeing Max in distress over the lack of opportunities in London may not be something Helen wishes to see.

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Max’s sacrifice and the consequences of his unemployment may become an added pressure for Helen. The realization that Max is sacrificing his career and ambitions for her may lead Helen to a predicament where she will be forced to let him return to New York. Since Helen wants to reform her new workplace without the help of Max, he may return to his own battles in New Amsterdam. As Veronica’s harrowing rules and regulations threaten the foundations of New Amsterdam, the hospital deserves the presence of Max to bring the establishment back its uniqueness and significance. Therefore, Max may retrace his steps to be back at the place where he rightly belongs.

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