Will Mindy and Nicolas Break Up or Stay Together in Emily in Paris? Theories

Image Credit: Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix

The third season of Netflix’s romantic seriesEmily in Paris’ depicts another eventful phase of Mindy Chen’s life. Mindy gets an opportunity to be a regular at a jazz club and continues to cherish her relationship with Benoît, her bandmate. She also meets her old schoolmate and former crush Nicolas de Léon, who starts to have feelings for her. Nicolas’ increasing presence in Mindy’s life infuriates Benoît, who disappears from her life soon enough. Mindy and Nicolas eventually get together and start nurturing a relationship. However, the tenth episode of the season depicts an intriguing development that threatens the couple’s togetherness. Naturally, the viewers may want to know more about the longevity of their relationship. Well, here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Business, Friends & Family: Can Nicolas Juggle It All for Mindy?

When Benoît disappears from Mindy’s life, the latter forms a connection with Nicolas. The two of them soon end up in a relationship and it doesn’t take long for the businessman to introduce the singer to his family. Mindy tries her best to clear the air between Nicolas and Emily, her best friend. While their relationship grows, Benoît reappears in Mindy’s life to let her know that the song they created got selected for the Eurovision Song Contest. Although Mindy is ecstatic about the selection, her ex-boyfriend’s return to her life may lead her to question her relationship with Nicolas.

Although Mindy and Nicolas cherish an intimate relationship, the latter fails to appreciate the former completely. As a businessman, Nicolas fails to be appealing to the former’s passion for singing and artistic side. All he has been doing is letting Mindy enjoy the luxuries he has been relishing. Mindy’s time together with Nicolas mostly happens when she attends events, get-togethers, and gatherings associated with the latter’s business acquaintances and family members. She may not be able to tolerate the same for a long period, especially if they come in between her and her passion.

According to the creator of the show Darren Star, Mindy’s passion for singing or performing hasn’t died down a bit. “I think for Mindy that part is still really important to her, that artistic side. And it’s why she came to Paris. I think it’s gonna reignite that passion and that dream,” Star told EW. If Nicolas has nothing to offer to Mindy’s artistic side, she may reconsider ending their relationship and getting back together with Benoît. Since Mindy is expected to compete in Eurovision with the songwriter, her feelings for him may rejuvenate, paving the way for her break up with Nicolas.

Image Credit: Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix

Mindy has reinvented both as a person and singer after meeting Benoît. As he offers her a stage to prove to the world that she is a talented singer, Mindy may choose him over Nicolas. In addition, as far as Nicolas is concerned, his company JVMA may remain his priority over Mindy. In the tenth episode of the third season, his business engagements come in between the couple’s plans to be in Champagne to attend Gabriel and Camille’s engagement party. Nicolas saves the day by arranging a helicopter but he may not be able to postpone Mindy’s affairs every time without threatening their relationship.

Furthermore, Nicolas and Emily’s rocky relationship may influence Mindy to reconsider her relationship with the former. Mindy and Emily’s companionship is nothing short of a family for the singer. If Nicolas cannot form an amicable relationship with the marketing executive, Mindy may dare to put an end to their relationship. In the third season finale, Nicolas apologizes to Emily for the way he has been treating her. If he tries to hurt Emily and Mindy’s relationship again, the latter may decide against sharing her life with Nicolas. Thus, the chances of seeing Mindy and Nicolas break up in the upcoming fourth season of the show are indeed high.

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