Did Alfie Leave Emily in Paris? Will Lucien Laviscount be Back in Season 4?

Image Credit: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

Emily Cooper and Alfie get together in the second season of Netflix’s romantic seriesEmily in Paris.’ Although Emily’s feelings for Gabriel haven’t evaporated from her heart, she chooses to share her life with Alfie due to the pact she makes with Camille. When the marketing executive discovers that Camille and Gabriel reconciled, she realizes that it is time for her to build a solid relationship with Alfie. The third season of the show depicts the progress Emily and Alfie make as a couple. However, in the final episode of the season, Alfie gets stunned listening to Camille’s revelation concerning his girlfriend. If his actions have alarmed the viewers concerning Lucien Laviscount’s commitment to the show, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Alfie?

The third season of the show begins with Emily navigating between her jobs at both Savoir and Agence Grateau. She fails to keep a part of her time for Alfie, who separates from Emily temporarily. The couple eventually gets back together stronger than ever. Alfie even considers introducing Emily to his parents as they think about the next step of their life together as a couple. In the tenth episode of the season, they both attend Gabriel and Camille’s wedding, only for Alfie to listen to Camille’s revelation that Emily still loves Gabriel. The banker also learns about the pact Emily and Camille have made.

Alfie realizes that Emily and Gabriel’s feelings not only didn’t die but also are stronger than he expected them to be. After letting several partners hurt him, Alfie is at a stage where he has to prioritize and protect himself. When he understands that Emily can never wholeheartedly accepts him as her love of life due to her feelings for Gabriel, Alfie breaks up with her. Since the banker decides to stay back in Paris and accepts the offer to be Maison Lavaux’s CFO for Emily’s sake, he may consider returning to London. if that’s the case, will we be seeing Lucien Laviscount in the already-announced fourth season of the show? Let us share what we know.

Will Lucien Laviscount be Back in Emily in Paris Season 4?

As of now, neither Netflix nor Lucien Laviscount has announced the departure of the actor from ‘Emily in Paris.’ Although Alfie breaks up with Emily, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will disappear from her life altogether. Alfie is an ambitious banker who has enough life experience to not throw away a good position in a company like Maison Lavaux. If his ways of prioritizing and protecting himself include not leaving a dream job regardless of what happened with Emily, Alfie may decide to continue staying in Paris rather than leaving for London. In addition, Antoine may not want to risk losing a highly efficient CFO only because his relationship with Emily came to an end.

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If Alfie decides to continue working for Antoine, we can expect Lucien Laviscount to remain an integral part of the fourth season of the show. In addition, although Alfie breaks up with Emily, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will never get back together again. The third season ends with Gabriel revealing to Emily that Camille is pregnant. If the marketing executive doesn’t want to come between Gabriel, Camille, and their unborn child, Emily may consider getting back together with Alfie. The banker’s decision to break up with Emily may turn out to be an impulsive decision incited by the shock of listening to Camille’s revelation.

Having said that, the scope of the characters of ‘Emily in Paris’ has never stopped the writers of the show from writing them off, especially the love interests of Emily. Whether it be Doug or Mathieu Cadault, Emily’s boyfriends haven’t featured much in the show after their respective separation from Emily. If the pattern repeats with Alfie as well, we may need to bid our goodbyes to Laviscount.

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