Will Veronica Resign From New Amsterdam? Is Michelle Forbes Leaving New Amsterdam?

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The fourth season of NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam’ witnesses Max’s shocking departure from New Amsterdam to leave for London with his partner Helen. Max’s shoes are filled by the new medical director Dr. Veronica Fuentes, who doesn’t wait to undo the revolutionary measures Max implemented for her to increase the profit of the hospital. Upon realizing the terrible state the hospital has fallen into, Max proclaims warfare against Veronica to retrieve New Amsterdam from the profit-based reign of his replacement. So, will Veronica yield to Max’s pressure? Does Veronica’s possible departure from New Amsterdam indicate Michelle Forbes’ potential exit from the show? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Veronica Resign From New Amsterdam?

Max’s return to New Amsterdam to meet his former colleagues and attend the funeral of Dr. Vijay Kapoor paves the way for his realization that the hospital he revolutionized has become another money-making institution. He understands how the patients and doctors suffer due to Veronica’s new system and regulations.

When Helen allows him to stay in New York City to regain New Amsterdam from the hands of Veronica, he teams up with Chairwoman Karen to find a way to force Veronica out of the medical establishment. Max finds out that he can do it if he manages to occupy a seat on the hospital board by becoming an employee of Urgent Medicine Inc.

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Even though Max struggles to meet the demand of UMI to acquire the seat, he succeeds when many of his former colleagues offer their help. Upon successfully turning around UMI’s revenue, Max is highly likely to occupy their seat on the hospital board, which gives him a strong chance to force Veronica out of New Amsterdam.

If Max manages to become Veronica’s superior, the latter may very well need to pack her bags to walk away from her office. Thus, it is likely that Veronica may resign. Unless she changes to adapt to Max’s way of running the hospital, the ruthless medical director may not have any choice to continue her career as the medical director at New Amsterdam. Does that mean Michelle Forbes will exit the medical drama? Let’s see!

Is Michelle Forbes Leaving New Amsterdam?

‘New Amsterdam,’ more or less, is a saga of Max’s incredible efforts and the success he reaps upon any such effort. Thus, fans of the show can only think about one winner when Veronica battles Max to stay in New Amsterdam. With a force behind him to meet UMI’s demand for Max to earn a seat, Veronica’s potential resignation may not be a surprise but it may open a gateway for Michelle Forbes to leave the show. However, there are no official statements or announcements from NBC or Forbes regarding Veronica’s supposed departure.

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Even if Max succeeds in becoming a board member, there’s a possibility that his battle with Veronica continues without a quick resignation of the latter. Veronica’s determination may turn out to be difficult for Max to breach to force her out, ensuring Veronica’s significance in the rest of the fourth season. Even if Veronica resigns, it may not be an end to the character’s storyline. The fifteenth episode of season 4 establishes how good a surgeon and specialist Veronica is for her to continue in New Amsterdam even after her potential resignation.

Veronica’s possible transformation from an antagonistic figure to a lovable surgeon is another way for the character and actress to continue in ‘New Amsterdam.’ Considering these factors and possibilities, we believe that Michelle Forbes is likely to continue featuring in ‘New Amsterdam.’ The depth and scope the show give to Dr. Veronica Fuentes do not indicate a sudden departure for the actress. We can hope that Veronica’s presence will propel the narrative of the show and offer enthralling moments for the fans to cherish.

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